10 Styles of Music Festival Goers – Something More Exciting Than Coachella Coming Your Way!

June is the time when music festivals spout all over the world – including the recently concluded Ultra in Singapore. So if you’re heading to a music festival this summer, check out our style guide below!


1. Bohemian Chic Lass 💃

Think maxi dresses, paired with a simple tank top together with gladiator sandals. Do check out our bohemian collection if you need more options.


2. Rainbow Unicorn 🌈🦄

This is the young-at-heart gal who adores all things rainbow and butterflies – plus, sweet desserts as a cherry on top of her cake.


3. Tie-Dye Tree Hugger 🌲🌳🌴

Like Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream? Then you would surely have encountered this sass who loves nothing more than saving the environment.


4. Pocahontas Warrior ⚔👑

Despite its controversy surrounding disrespect for the Indigenous people’s culture and traditions, many Millennials still love to partake in this trend of wearing feather headbands to attend gigs and concerts.


5. Punk Princess 🤘🎵

Love your alt-punk and blues music? Then you definitely know how to jazz up this look when you match your fishnet stockings with your Dr Martens boots.


6. Sunshine Beach Babe ☀️👙

Tanned, bronzed and sporty? Crop tops or bikinis are your best friends to wear to any music festival.


7. Old-School Hippie ☮️🌾

Eat only Non-GMO food? Dislike unethical fast food chains? Then this attire of denim overalls (paired with a band t-shirt) will fit you oh-so-perfectly fine!


8. Flower Power Go-Getter 🌻🌷🌺

Don’t like wearing long flowing maxi dresses because it’s difficult to walk around in but still love everything floral and polka dots? Then this kind of apparel will make you so happy and peaceful.


9. Gutsy Texan Cowgirl 👒👸

Cannot get enough of Cameron Tucker’s funny antics in Modern Family? Then this look will appeal to you PLUS even more #WonderWomanPower when you bring along your own lasso.


10. Rocker Harajuku Chick 🤘☠️

Perhaps, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Perhaps, you got bullied in school. Perhaps, you just lost your school band competition. However, you still wanna be the sweet girlie you were long known for. Then being clad in these sort of apparel is so defo YOU!


We hope you’ve gained some helpful style inspo from this post. Have a blast this summer! 🖖 If you haven’t gotten the chance to attend any gigs this summer, why not head to Ignite! this year?



RP Ignite! is the largest student-organised Outdoor Music Festival in Singapore as this year marks Republic Polytechnic’s 15th Birthday and Ignite! Festival’s 10th Birthday. Join in the joyous celebrations to mark their institution’s Crystal Anniversary. Check out last year’s happenings in the video highlights below!



Venue: The Lawn, Republic Polytechnic, 9 Woodlands Avenue 9
Dates: 28 & 29 July 2017
Time: 5 to 10pm



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