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Buy Global, Locally with ezbuy. Having over few millions of products from China, USA, Taiwan, Korea and Local allows you to get what you need all in just one single platform.

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Worrying about the shipping fee? With Prime service you can have a peace of mind and enjoy S$ 2.99 flat international shipping fee when you shop under our Prime category which consist of products from China, USA, Taiwan and Korea.

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Purchasing on your behalf from China, USA, and Taiwan and shipping them to you is the most convenient, hassle-free and worry-free service you ever deserve. With inspection, free repacking and consolidation service, these are all you need to ensure you pay for what you need.

With over millions products from China and Taiwan, and up to 60% off retail price branded products from USA, you will be spoilt for choice what to buy.

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We do provide just international shipping as well! Get your FREE oversea Ship-For-Me shipping address and start sending your purchases from China, USA or Taiwan to us. Leave the shipping and custom declaration to process to us.

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We offer FREE repacking service for USA parcels. No base charge, no fuel charge or any hidden cost guarantees you up to 30% savings.

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