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If you have a lot to buy from Taobao & USA, if you want to buy big size items like furniture, if you have been shopping with us for the past few years, this is the best value for money product you should go for.


Cause you can shop millions of products from Taobao & USA and ship them over at only S$ 2.99. Size & quantity no longer matters, you just pay S$ 2.99 flat for international shipping fee.

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This is what we have been doing for the past 6 years, this is how we uplift the demand for Taobao and make Taobao so prevailing in Singapore and Malaysia.

Besides Taobao, we also help you to shop and ship from USA, Taiwan. You can get your favorite USA brands at up to 60% off local retail price.

Find anything that you cannot get in Singapore or selling cheaper elsewhere, from Taobao, from any USA, Taiwan websites, paste the link to us, we will buy on your behalf and ship it to you. Convenient, hassle free and worry free, that is the easiest shopping experience you deserve!

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We do shipping as well! Get a free overseas shipping address. Buy whatever you wish to buy from Taobao, USA and Taiwan, send them over to our address, we will handle the shipping and customs declaration process for you.

Simple, easy and we are the FASTEST!

What's more?

We offer FREE REPACK for your USA parcels. We don't have base charge for shipping. This actually guarantees you at least 30% saving on shipping fee.

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