5 Tips To Throw A Kids’ Birthday Party On A Budget

Planning to throw a birthday party for your kid? A baby shower to celebrate your precious infant’s arrival into the world? Or a children’s playmates gathering simply because it’s the school holidays and you want them to have their well-deserved fun. If you don’t wish to pay through your nose to hold one, then these tips will definitely come in handy for you!


Ample Space, Tables and Chairs

First step to planning any gathering is to get the logistics settled. Ensure that every child (and the accompanying parent) will each get a seat. The party venue should be able to accommodate the expected number of guests comfortably without them feeling too cramped together. Set up a makeshift table if you need more dining space and drape a tablecloth over it, to ensure everything aligns with the theme of the party.

In addition, you’ll also want to have a play area set aside for the kids – large enough for them to run around without bumping into one another.


DIY Food Preparation

Instead of having food catered, you can save on costs by whipping up healthy kid-friendly finger food by yourself or together with the help of fellow mothers. By using an air-fryer to cook chicken nuggets and fries – kids’ perennial favourite choices – with only a fraction of the amount of oil usually needed to deep-fry those goodies, you’re effectively making a healthier version of these foods for the kids. Incorporate vegetables such as carrot and broccoli cut into fun shapes so that the kids will be also ingesting some greens!

If you’re looking to prepare even more foods, why not do up a dessert table by baking cupcakes as well? Not only will that supplement the store-bought birthday cake, you will also derive great satisfaction from setting up a dessert table by yourself without the need to hire professionals. Or bake waffles with the help of this trusty waffle maker and top it with a scoop of ice cream. With parental supervision, this can also be an activity for the kids during the party itself – one which they will love! Yum!


Door Gifts & Decoration Supplies

Avoid paying mark-ups for decoration frills and party favours, also called door gifts, by sourcing directly or buying them online for cheaper. Assemble the door gifts by including balloons, sweets, stationery and other knick-knacks which kids would love. This would be a more economical alternative to purchasing pre-packaged door gifts.



Unless you aim to groom your child into one of those countless spoilt brats identified by the hashtag of #RKOI (rich kids on Instagram) in the future, we see no reason in paying for a magician to wow the kids at the party. Keep it simple by thinking of fun and interactive games for the kids such as using portable speakers to set the music for them to play several rounds of musical chairs to. There are also several novelty games and board games which will pique their interest.


Cleaning Up

When there’re kids involved, you know that there will be some form of mess created inadvertently – be it an accidental spill or crumbs on the floor. Don’t fret over the eventual cleaning up which you’ll have to do after the party! Invest in a robot multi-functional 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner which is capable of vacuuming, sweeping, wet-mopping and dry-mopping – promising to make cleaning up a breeze.


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