What To Get For Your Yoga-Practising Girlfriend

You might not know downward dog from upward bow, but your girlfriend does. If you have a passionate yogi in your life, it can be quite a challenge shopping for her, especially if you don’t do yoga yourself. As a dedicated practitioner myself, let me help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Here are our top picks for that special someone who spends more time on the mat than anywhere else.

Always there when she needs it

Everyone needs one, and no one likes using the shared mats found at a yoga studio – who knows how many pairs of sweaty feet have previously touched it? Even if your girlfriend has a mat, chances are unless she bought it within the past year, she’s ready for a new one. Manduka is known for its legendary Black Mat PRO, one of the densest, cushiest mats on the market, and yet stable enough for any balance posture you could throw at it. For the frequent traveler, a light, 1.5mm thin mat like this is easy to slip into a carry-on bag.


Clean up the competition

After a mat, a special yoga towel is next in order of importance. It differs from an ordinary towel – a yoga towel has special sticky dots on one side to stop it from slipping off your mat. It also absorbs sweat, making it easier to grip with your feet and find stability in challenging poses – especially handy for those hot yoga classes. These come in an amazing array of bright colours to match any mat.


Show her some support

Everyone has a pose that they haven’t yet mastered – and here is where a block comes in handy. It can help you reach the floor, or prop you up when sitting. Grip it between your knees to improve your balance in handstand. Check out the Manduka yoga unBLOK, which features a curved side that makes it more comfortable for your hand, or this environmentally friendly choice made of natural bamboo. Other props she might like include a yoga wheel. It provides fantastic support for backbending – if you don’t believe me, watch this. Or get a yoga ball (excellent for core work), massage peanut (great for massaging sore muscles) or a strap (perfect for getting a grip on those hard-to-reach toes).

Feel good, look good

No one can have too many yoga pants – not only are they great for actually doing yoga, they’re also handy for running errands, going for a jog, working out or even just lounging at home. Yes, they are simply that comfortable. Best of all, yoga pants don’t just come in boring blacks or lurid neons any more, there’s a wide range out there to suit everyone – just make sure you choose leggings that are breathable and stretchable.


Take it to the next level

Doing the same old routine day in, day out can get boring. Spice up her workout with a yoga hammock so she can try her hand at aerial yoga. This hammock comes with all the instructions and parts for easy installation, making it a pretty cool surprise for when she comes home from work. Or if you really want to show her you care, join her in her hobby. There are plenty of studies that show how yoga can boost your health – not only does it improve your flexibility and strength, yoga can reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. Best of all, you both will have something new you can do together, strengthening your bond as a couple. Many studios have introductory packages you can sign up for, such as Hom Yoga’s $32 for one week of unlimited yoga – if you go every day, that’s truly excellent value. Namaste!


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