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Get Ready for a Shopping Bonanza this April!

April may just be the silliest month each year with a designated fools’ day to signal its start. But not this April – we’ll be making it a good month for new shoppers to begin their ezbuy journey – because we here at ezbuy, want to make your April all the more fun with so many reasons for you to shop to your heart’s content!

Additional 8% Off for the Whole Month of April

Yep, we can practically hear some of you *squealing* from your seats behind your screens! Long-time and frequent ezbuy shoppers are well-aware of our hugely appealing Free Agent Fee (FAF) promotion, having keep their eyes peeled to all of ezbuy’s social media platforms, sussing out the start of each FAF promotion.

You’ll be glad to know that for this entire month of April, we’re bringing you the highly anticipated Free Agent Fee promotion in celebration of our one year rebranding anniversary.

Promotions galore aside, current customers and especially newcomers to ezbuy should take note that this is a highly opportune time for you to embark on your ezbuy journey! Get additional 8% off with our agent fee waiver for all your purchases – this is going to make your items EVEN cheaper. Yay!

One-time Payment

Shopping with ezbuy eliminates your worries of incurring unknown and unexpected additional shipping fees which will invariably dampen the experience of online shopping. Isn’t that what most consumers dread? Getting charged extra for changes made to their shipping costs. Bah hambug!

With ezbuy, you’ll be happy to know that for purchasing ezbuy and Prime eligible products, such an occurrence will not likely happen due to our implementation of one-time payment process. Instead of the cumbersome procedure of making two separate payments – first payment for the price of the item and then upon notification that your goods have arrived in our overseas warehouse, paying yet another time for  the shipping of your goods to Singapore – we’ve reduced the payment process to just a hassle-free and simple one step! Now, ezbuy customers will only need to make a one-time total payment for their product, shipping, and option for delivery or self-collection. We strive to make it so EZ for all to buy from ezbuy!

Cheap & Good Quality Clothing

We all know China as The World’s Largest Manufacturer or The Factory of The World. In fact, many things that we already own bear the stamp of “Made in China”. However, bearing those three words does not necessarily mean questionable quality of the product.

Heck, we even did a run-through of local online shops and spotted similar knock-offs which they are selling for $30 or more – those of which are priced so much cheaper, some of clothes are sold for less than $9.90, if you buy directly from China merchants via ezbuy!

You may rub your eyes in disbelief now:

Psst! Another great news to share with you! Within this month of April, anything that weighs below 500grams will only cost $1.69 to ship! How awesome is that?

Inspection, Repacking & Consolidation of Items

There’s always a risk associated with online shopping pertaining to management of your parcels. We’ve all heard horror stories of how unprofessional staff of overseas courier companies can be – tossing, or worse, kicking parcels and boxes of items around. May our shopping parcels never have to be subject to such rough handling ever! Aside from saying a prayer each time after you checkout your cart purchase online, you can seek a more practical solution such as using a reliable online shop (i.e. ezbuy).

Here at ezbuy, we provide an inspection service whereby, upon shipment to our overseas warehouses, all of your items will be thoroughly inspected to check that they are indeed the correct items which you have ordered for, intact and not damaged. Then your purchases will be repacked and consolidated before being shipped to Singapore to you. The rationale behind repacking and consolidation of parcels is simple – we want to help you cut down on extra packaging of unneeded AIR or stuffing which is the cause for higher delivery charges – totally unnecessary!

Faster, cheaper and more convenient shipping

According to market research, ezbuy is by far the only platform to have two warehouses in China. Having a warehouse in Shanghai and another one in Guangzhou, each in close proximity to the shops which most shoppers buy from, ezbuy has reliably been able to ship items faster and that translates directly to you receiving your items quicker as well!

Not forgetting our various shipping options, shoppers can also opt for Express Air, 1-2 days shipment should they need their purchased items urgently. When your items have reached Singapore, it will take another 3-9 days to reach your address. So, all in all, you can be sure that it will not take long before you actually receive your items.

As far as rates are concerned, we offer the best shipping rate within the whole of Singapore. With the scrapping of base charges and our introduction of lower shipping rates, you get to enjoy up to 30% more savings on shipping fees. And if you’re not rushing to get your items, you can choose sea shipment option to enjoy even greater savings.

And don’t even get us started on our Prime membership subscription programme. As you may have already known, with Prime, you only need to pay a flat rate of $2.99 for shipping your items regardless of size, weight and quantity of items purchased per checkout. Read here to find out more about our Prime upgraded.

Choices of Parcel Collection Methods

As we offer self-collection service at either our warehouse in Singapore or at the various island-wide MRT and neighbourhood collection pick-up points, you can collect your parcels at your convenience if you did not choose the home delivery option.

The fact that we provide such after-sales support means that you can be confident to shop online knowing that you can fall back on our strong team of customer service when instances of getting the wrong order arise.

We hope these are reasons compelling enough for you to commence your shopping journey on ezbuy! For ezbuy is Singapore’s largest global shopping platform by page views and number of distribution points.

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