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Your ezbuy Shopping Experience: Customer Stories

Since our inception 7 years ago, we at ezbuy have always strived for continuous improvements with the goal of providing fast, convenient, cost saving and the best online shopping experience. Recently, we asked you, our lovely customers to share your ezbuy shopping experiences with us via our Facebook page.

A big THANK YOU to all who took time out to do so, it was truly touching reading through all your heartfelt comments!

We would like to share their experiences with you so here are their stories:

Hi Angie, a kind cautious note to you, but you will be seeing yourself pampering your little princess at her every milestone (it won’t be stopping at 6 months young  😂). From new born baby necessities, to birthday party decorations, pre-school stationary, graduation day gift and wedding essentials, you name it, we’ve got it! Next up ezbuy shopping spree for you, your little princess’ 1 year old party!  Don’t say no share, find party items here ~

Hi Alex, it’s so amazing that you still remember Mr Lu! Both Mr Lu and Astrobee are touched to know that. Thank you for your loyal support over the past 7 years! Besides bringing conveniences as an online shopping service, we also hope to foster good rapport with our customers. We are indeed glad, we have a friend in you!


You are most welcome Frederic! We should thank you instead for being our die-hard loyal customer. As a China merchant agent initially, we saw that customers had a hard time gauging shipping costs and understanding our payment process. Hence in the last few years, we have allocated huge resources and increased efforts in a bid to improve our service, product offerings and technologies.

These improvements were realised through the introduction of ezbuy service with one-time payment and order summaries, enabling clarity and ease of use. In addition to our existing China, USA & Taiwan marketplaces, this year also saw the launch of our Korea Marketplace & Local Marketplace. Thus, enabling our customers access to a wider range of products as a one-stop global shopping platform.

So we hope we have done it in one way or another for you Frederic!

China, Korea, Taiwan, USA! Our boss says: “Grace, you named it…… well, almost! Don’t leave out our LOCAL marketplace as well.”  Yes! For all whom aren’t aware, ezbuy is able to ship to you locally as well. Buy daily necessities from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to a collection point nearby within 1-2 days. What’s more? Enjoy FREE shipping for all your purchases via our local marketplace. Now that’s convenient! Check it out here.

Hi Joanne, it’s really sweet of Jacky to go that extra mile. We have commended Jacky for his effort, and he’s really happy to know that his little gesture has left a good experience for you. All our staff at ezbuy would love to see our customers receiving their parcels with a smile. Therefore, going an extra mile wouldn’t cost us a lot if we earned ourselves a happy customer at the end of the day.

Oh wait, there’s more:

As mentioned, bringing wider variety and cost savings for our customers is one of our key mission and your sharing today is proof of that. Norway sure sounds so fun Joanette, safe travels and have fun ~ !

ezbuy wouldn’t want any of our customers to feel upset upon receiving their items. That is why we have a dedicated inspection team globally in direct contact with sellers and handling over 90% of defects or wrong orders, so that you can save time and cost. In the event that your item was damaged upon receipt or undetected during inspection, we also offer a worry-free warranty policy and a team of friendly and dedicated After-sales Team always ready to assist you. (We are humans too! 😅)

Don’t be amazed Netty, but we do have air shipment option which is as fast as 1-2 days too! Buying items from overseas via ezbuy is quick and ‘ez’ 😁

Jessica, it’s alright that you didn’t manage to get the driver’s name. By sharing your ezbuy experience and with your friends and family is the best gift to us! We are glad to be of service to you.

Wow Daniel, Astrobee is really interested to see how your house looks like! Anyway, did you know that you can double your winning by sharing your buys at our Share & Win page?


All in all, we are truly overjoyed to be able to see the fruits of our labour through experiences shared by everyone of you, our customers. Your encouraging comments and will certainly motivate and spur us on in our continued efforts to strive and provide the best online shopping experience in Singapore!

*Hint hint* Do look out for ezbuy’s transformation video that’s coming up real soon! Find more stories and testimonials here.




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    October 18, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    I would also like to commend the ezbuy people actually, even though i was not able to share my testimonial, i hope this comment would be noticed by them somehow. The ezbuy people had been really patient and kind, i remember in the past when they were used to be called ’65Daigou’ when i first bought Taobao products through their service, even though there were hiccups in the past, ezbuy has come a long way and its more seamless and easy to order through Ezbuy with their kind customer service too 🙂
    Keep up the good work people 🙂

  2. Avatar


    October 19, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    I’ve been using ezbuy for a long time. So far, still not too bad. just some delays.
    I believe no negative feedback will be feature here. 😛

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