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Halloween Costumes and Shopping Ideas Direct from USA and China

🎃 Halloween is not just about going for Trick-Or-Treating, scaring your neighbours in order to receive hard-earned candy! Without a doubt, Halloween has gotta be the only one time throughout the entire year where you can play dress-up to your heart’s content — without the fear of getting ridiculed or labelled as slutty! Already thinking long and hard of what to dress up as for this year’s upcoming Halloween? Help is here! 👻

Let’s get you acquainted with our extensive list of Halloween costume ideas to jolt your inspiration, shall we? Not to worry, we’ve got both adults’ and children’s sections covered!

For the Kids

Does your son adore all the Avengers of Marvel Cinematic Universe? Then perhaps dressing him up as one Little Avenger will delight him totally!

For parents who want a slightly more hassle-free option to dress their kid in, consider getting this set of Avengers cape, mask and props!

Ahhh, Spidey is back! Whether its Tom Holland’s, Andrew Garfield’s or the all-time favorite Tobey Maguire’s version you have to admit it was every young boy’s dream to be Spiderman. Fulfill your son’s longtime wish by letting him be clad in this skintight Spidey spandex suit! (Please note that the ability to shoot spiderwebs while wearing it is not guaranteed.) 🕸

Keeping in line with the superhero theme, how could we leave out our heroes from the DC Universe! Think your daughter will look ultra adorable dressed up as Wonder Woman? We think so too! Consider getting a few sets of this costume series to use or exchange with her fellow kindergarten classmates. There are also Batman and Superman options for the boys too!

Dress your entire family up as a superhero clan of Flash for any Halloween event and you guys will be bound to win the overall Best Dressed Family award! ⚡ Perhaps, you can try emulating The Incredibles next year?


Let your child bring laughter to the crowd when you dress him or her up paired with these inflatable props! Best to provide your child with your own mode of transportation as we believe it’d be rather hard to go about taking public transport dressed like this.


If your son’s favourite Lego series is Nexo Knights or Ninjago then you wouldn’t go wrong if you decide to dress him up as a stealthy ninja warrior or a charming young knight complete with a sword to hold! 🗡


Girls Frozen-inspired Elsa/Anna Costume (Props included) from $4.24

Nope, the Frozen fever is far from being over… we know, we’re all tired of hearing young girls belt out the tune of Let It Go… but they just can’t seem to let it go! (Pun totally intended, heh 😜) So if you’re a parent to one, why not dress her up as her favourite character of Princess Anna or Queen Elsa? ❄⛄❄


For the Adults

Who says Halloween’s just for the kids? While we ‘adults’ won’t be going door to door trick or treating, it be fun to dress up and get into character every once in a while be it to accompany the kids or for a friend’s party.

Character Costumes

Planning to scare off as many people as possible? Stick to the classics, tried and tested and turn up as an ancient Chinese vampire or Sadako.  ☠️ #brutal  Props sold separately but we definitely like this option!

No surprises here, with the recent film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT topping the box office 2 weeks in a row scaring adults and kids alike, you are bound to see countless clown costumers this Halloween. (Taking over from last year’s Harlequinn from DC’s Suicide Squad) So why not up your game with this epic Pennywise clown costume set complete with boots, which will set you back at least S$160. But hey, go big or go home right? – A red balloon for you?

Or you can opt to take on the character of L from the highly popular Japanese Manga – Death Note or the deathly Grim Reaper with this black cloak. As for the ladies, whether you want to channel your inner Mother Gothel or Red Riding Hood, we’ll leave it up to you to decide on the colour of this cloak.

While on the theme of fairy tales, here are some dresses we found perfect for Disney fangirls (or ladies) who would still very much like to experience a day of being Fair Princess. Snow white, Cinderella, or Sleeping beauty? You decide!

Love mushrooms? 🍄🍄🍄 Then why not choose to be Super Mario or Luigi for a day this Halloween?

Maybe you can only dream of being as rich as an Arabian prince (a.k.a. Sheik) from an oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdom in your sleep, but there’s no stopping you from dressing up as one this Halloween! 👑

With Oktoberfest not too far away from Halloween, getting this traditional German beer maid costume might just be a clever option! 🍺


Themed Party Costumes

Get ready to have a swashbuckling good time at any Halloween party you’re choosing to attend by going as Captain Jack Sparrow, swigging some whisky by the bottle. 🍻 Or replicate the look of the Flint Stones family by turning up to any Halloween event dressed in these garbs. Various designs available for couples planning on getting matchy outfits.

Pirate Costume, from $6.97

Stone Age Costume, from $5.91

For couples wanting to nail the easiest couple wear for Halloween, look no further than wearing these comfy onesies! What’s more? You can easily head to a sleepover party right after the night of Halloween festivities!  💤


This cape and eye mask set is ideal for those who want to participate in some form of dress-up for Halloween, but not be decked out in an entire costume from head to toe. Complement your kid’s superhero outfit too with the wide selections.

Assorted Superhero Cape Cloak (Eye mask included), from $4.33

Another variation of the cape set, but this time with some props (i.e. Thor’s mighty hammer lookalike) to hold in your hand! 🔨


Inflatable Costume Suits

Planning to win the title of “Funniest Halloween Costume”? Then donning these variations of inflatable costume will aid you greatly! Best if you choose the one which will instantly transform you into a hilariously big-sized Sumo Wrestler! 🤣

More choices for you to select from if you want to go the route of wearing an inflatable costume suit! 😂


BONUS: Props, Masks & Accessories!


Complement your Halloween outfits with scary face masks, weapon props and accessories. Our top picks include the Guy Fawkes and Jigsaw masks paired with toy axe or machete. You can also take it up a notch and make your home unique and extra creepy with several Halloween home decor items from wall stickers to pumpkin-shaped LED lights and dinnerware.


With that, we hope you’ve gotten a lot of inspiration on how best to dress for this upcoming Halloween! Have a frightful scare fest this October! 👻


Start shopping for your Halloween costumes, house decoration items and props now!

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