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17 ezbuy Purchases As Seen On Instagram

Who doesn’t enjoy the cheap thrills of buying awesome products online at incredibly low prices? We know that we ourselves absolutely love online shopping especially when it comes to purchasing items at greatly discounted prices. Why pay more when you can pay less for the same item, right? Let those naysayers who deride your enthusiasm for buying things cheaper online say all they want! After all, who gets the last laugh when we know we are the ones who ultimately get to save a considerate amount of money from online shopping! 😉

These are 17 product purchases as seen on Instagram, the all-time popular social sharing app amongst xennials and millennials alike, shared by satisfied ezbuy customers who obviously could not contain their joy and had to share these good deals they managed to snag with their respective followers. The saying of “Sharing is Caring” definitely rings true up till this day, we say.


1. @yellowpie
2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of shoes & a pair of stockings

Total Amount: $25

Other than noticing the ultra cute pair of flats, we could not help feeling triumphant on behalf of this user who has clearly gotten her hands on such a glorious bundle of apparel and shoes at a grand total of only $25! Seriously, these days it’s hard to hear of people buying this amount of purchases at such a price. Simply incredible!


2. @xoweii
Wax stamp kit

Total Amount: $5

Whether you’re looking to hone your letter-writing skills or take your wax-stamping hobby up a notch, this wax stamp kit is sure to thrill you! And at $5 a set, who can really resist snapping this up?

3. @kohshinyi
A pair of children’s shoes & a pair of adult shoes

Total Amount: $13.89

Planning to go all matchy-matchy with your child? Other than taking style inspiration from this previous lookbook article filled with gorgeous mother-and-daughter attires curated by us, you can also take a cue from this user too. She chose to get these twinning pairs of shoes to match with her offspring. How adorable! 👣


4. @endorphynn
Wall decals & stickers

Total Amount: $2.98

Waiting for junior to grow up? Instead of making him jump rope every single day (which we believe is futile especially during a child’s earlier years of being below the age of four), why not entice him to gauge and measure his own height using this measurement tape wall decal sticker stuck onto the door of his wardrobe? Bonus: He gets to also learn estimation and length approximation skills at a young age!


5. @unidzalika
Owl bag

Total Amount: $13.20

Want something cheery and unique to brighten up your overall daily outfit? Look no further! Take a leaf out of this fashionable user’s book and get yourself an equally cute bag. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be an owl…if you’re not a fan of the wise old animal.) 🦉


6. @littlebunnieswong
Kid’s construction vehicle toy (digger-excavator), helmet & construction boots

Total Amount: $63.38

Complete your child’s wonderment and curiosity about a day’s work of a construction worker (or quantity surveyor, if you wish for a fancier job role in the construction industry…) with this get-up comprising a digger vehicle toy, construction boots and a helmet to boot! After all, experts have indicated that the best way for young children to learn is through play, right? Hooray! 🔨


7. @modgam
Monochrome sneakers

Total Amount: $41.32

Any youngster worth his/her salt would be in the know of this ubiquitous trend of the white sneakers. It seems to be that this trend isn’t fading away anytime soon. So why not jump on the bandwagon and start wearing ‘em white shoes too? 👟


8. @thestationeryedition
2 organizer-diary planners & 17 rolls of assorted washi tapes

Total Amount: $85.19

Are you a washi tape fan? If you are, then you’ll be delighted to know that ezbuy stocks a wide variety of highly affordable washi tapes in many colours and patterns. Scrapbookers, it’s now time for you to rejoice~


9. @xjace
24 pieces of dinnerware, 6 pieces of cutleries & glass cake cover with wooden base

Total Amount: $207.48

This is going to be very useful for new homeowners looking to add to their home kitchen an array of dinnerware and cutleries for use at home during mealtimes. If you’re not one who’s brand-conscious when it comes to buying plates, bowls, knives, forks and spoons, then we do not see why you need to fork out (*ba dum tss* see the pun? 😜) an insane amount of money on branded ones from Villeroy & Boch and brands of similar prestige and heritage. Opt for equally tasteful ones from ezbuy instead! 🍴


10. @juneunicorn
Backpack & a pair of white sneakers

Total Amount: Customer forgot the exact figure but estimated that she most likely spent under $40 on these two items.

Continuing on the trend of white shoes is this user’s lovely photo of monochrome accessories — black pleather backpack and white shoes. This is a wonderful pairing, we reckon. And the user must be a style maven~ 🎒


11. @jdr.1010
4 sets of baby onesies

Total Amount: $24.72

If you are an expectant mother or a mother who has just given birth to a precious 👶 infant, you’d surely be at the stage of cooing over cutesy baby clothing pieces! Well, this new mother snapped up not one, not two but a total of FOUR set of baby onesies of four different prints and designs at just $24.72 in total. That’s less than $30 and methinks that’s a huge bargain!


12. @zzoeyyl
2 pairs of heels, 1 pair of sandals, 2 tops & 3 dresses

Total Amount: $49.91

If you are a polytechnic student who does not have the privilege of donning uniforms like a Junior College student, fret not and chin up! Just as this user has proven to us, purchasing chic clothes can be easy on the wallet if you choose to be wise about it such as buying from! She spent under $50 on that many pieces of apparel. Such good value for money! 😏


Microfiber rug & pet supplies

Total Amount: $27.53

Have a hamster at home? Or is it a little baby bunny? 🐇 Whatever the animal type of your pet, we believe a conducive home environment and cosy home will be of top priority to ensure its well-being and health. Start by getting your pet supplies at highly affordable rates from us such as this user did with the above photo! 🎠


14. @keiralim
Baby inflatable pool

Total Amount: $11.21

Pool party for your baby? Perhaps not a great option as the water environs is potential hazard for little toddlers! Opt to hold an indoor party in an inflatable pool filled with balls for your baby and her playmates such as this user did for her precious child. We’re sure that the kiddos will love it and have a ball of fun! (Pun totally intended.) 🤹🤹🤹


15. @mahirahhtml
53 spools of sewing threads in assorted colours

Total Amount: $8.77

Are you a handicrafter or a master seamstress? If you are, then we believe you will appreciate knowing that this user spent less than $10 on a whopping 53 spools of sewing threads! That’s a great way for novice and new seamstress-hobbyist(s) to kickstart their threads and yarns collection. 🌈


16. @alhsx
Bag, phone case, top, skirt, necklace & notebook

Total Amount: $30.03

Fresh graduates alert! Looking to stock up your wardrobe with clothing items that will up the ante and spell a look of a working professional? Take some style tips and inspiration from this user who managed to snag six items necessary for getting ready to join the working force at a mere cost of $30.03 in total! 😲 Wow!


17. @valerieeleong
Child-sized table with toys

Total Amount: $19.96

Yet another toy for toddlers! This set comprises of a child-friendly table suited for the height of children aged five and below as well as a myriad of toys on the table top for the child to play with. The user shared that she spent under $20 on this toy. Seems like a great investment, doesn’t it?



Well, if this post doesn’t tempt you to start shopping on, we frankly do not know what will. Again, we must emphasize that ezbuy offers the widest variety of products and that you can ship in anything ranging from a dozen cartons of Milo drinks to a whole bed-frame at a fixed rate of just $2.99 provided that you are our Prime member!


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