New, Improved & Upgraded — Prime Version 2.0

You’ve shared your feedback with us. And we’ve heard you. Regarding what you’d love to see added to Prime, we decided to act on it. This is why we’re proudly presenting to you: our New, Improved & Upgraded Prime Version 2.0!


What is Prime?

“Wait, what’s going on?!” We hear some folks thinking out loud. Well, for those still not in the know (we’re not insinuating that you’ve been living under a boulder somewhere remote), do allow us to enlighten you now. ezbuy introduced Prime membership in April 2016. Prime is a membership programme which guarantees your shipping fees to be fixed at a flat rate of SGD2.99 regardless of parcel size, weight and quantity of items bought per checkout. Prime labels are clearly marked on all Prime eligible items, with the Prime icon shown on the product page, ensuring easy identification. Prime membership is priced affordably at SGD99 for a 1 year period – a monthly breakdown shows that it costs just SGD8.25 per month. We also offer a 5-day Prime membership trial. Users can first get a one-time 5-day Prime trial for only SGD9.90 to try out how it works before eventually deciding to acquire the Prime membership. Think of it as a #sneakpreview of sorts, you’re welcome! *winks 😉


What is Prime 2.0?

Prime 2.0 is simply the new, improved and upgraded version of its older incarnation. We’ve added several brand new features, revamping it to reward our exisiting pool of Prime members and customers in a bid to thank them for their loyal support and patronage over the years. These new features are attractive perks which will also delight newcomers to join our Prime membership.

Benefit #1: Flat Rate Shipping Fee at SGD2.99 per checkout

Firstly, as abovementioned, Prime members are exclusive to a flat rate shipping fee fixed at SGD2.99 for their products to be shipped to them no matter the parcel size, weight and the quantity of items bought per each cart checkout.

Benefit #2: Prime Wishlist add up to 42 items

Secondly, a newly-added perk to our Prime membership programme is this! Our Prime members get to enjoy being able to put up to 42 items on their Prime wishlist if those items they are coveting for are not marked as a Prime item yet.

Benefit #3: Shopping access to over 4 million Prime products

Thirdly, with over 4 million Prime-eligible products instock, our Prime members will get the luxury to revel in an abundance of choices for any product they want from our massive collection online. You’ll be sure to find any item you’re looking to buy!


TL;DR? This simple and easy-to-comprehend infographic will summarise the three benefits:

Benefit #4: Korean products are now on Prime

With our very own ezbuy Korea Marketplace bringing you – direct from Korea – products ranging from K-beauty items and cosmetics to Korean snacks and food items, it’s easy to see why you’re tempted to buy the entire collection! You’ll glad to know that you can save on the shipping costs of these products as they are now deemed Prime eligible products as well, hence meaning a flat rate of SGD2.99 shipping fee for a cart filled full with these items regardless of size, weight and quantities of items bought per checkout. Isn’t that so wonderful? K-fans, rejoice!


How can I save more with Prime?

By shopping on ezbuy, you already get to save up to 4 times in comparison to similar items bought elsewhere. On top of that, by using Prime you effectively get to have your items shipped to you at the standard low rate of SGD2.99 regardless of the size, weight and quantity of products purchased for every cart checkout. For instance, if you’re thinking of buying online a new sofa to adorn your living room, you can only imagine how hefty the shipping costs will be just to ship it from overseas and then deliver said sofa to your home address! However, with Prime membership, you are able to ship in a whole new sofa set from overseas at only SGD2.99 – a flat-rate shipping fee.

For a clearer understanding on how much you will get to save, look at our illustration of a case study:


Examples of Prime items bought

Let’s take a look below as well at the items fellow Prime members have purchased, taking full advantage of the fixed flat-rate SGD2.99 shipping fee.


There are also numerous homeowners in Singapore who chose to shop online and have their new homes decked out in a tasteful décor with furnitures purchased off China merchants via ezbuy Prime! Such as this –insert heart-shaped eyes emojilovely home with a Scandinavian theme. Did somebody say #housegoals? YASSS.


Need more convincing? Read our special feature article ‘Prime Stories’ here and hear from some of our Prime members.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry, visit now to sign up for your very own Prime membership, and start taking control of your Prime account!



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