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ezbuy Friends Deal – Jio Your Friends & Shop Together!

Why are we introducing Friends Deal?

Humans have always been social creatures. With social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat becoming more and more commonplace, people are now able to be constantly connected to their network of friends.

The traditional ways of shopping meant you could join your friends to shop together, share the good deals and joys of shopping together. However, online shopping has always been a single person activity where social interaction is kept to a minimum.

That is also the reason why we, at ezbuy, decided to introduce a channel called Friends Deal as we aim to bring a social element to online shopping and help consumers save money – simply by tapping on the power of their social network.

Benjamin Lim, Local Acquisitions Head at ezbuy, shared his observation that, “Currently, in the retail scene, you don’t see consumers having access to goods at wholesale prices.”

He added that wholesale pricing was always exclusive only to retailers and companies buying product stocks in huge quantities, and that the only time consumers get to enjoy wholesale prices is during off-season clearance or limited time period warehouse sales events.


What is Friends Deal?

Friends Deal is a newly launched channel on ezbuy, accessible only via mobile site or the ezbuy app.

Products featured on our Friends Deal channel are available for purchase based on the concept where you would start a deal by making payment to reserve it, share with your friends who might be interested in enjoying the same discounted price and when enough people join, the Friends Deal is secured and everyone will get to enjoy the discounted price.


What Are The Types of Products Available for Friends Deal?

Our team at ezbuy has negotiated with merchants globally for the best prices for the Friends Deal products. Customers will get to access up to 50 active deals daily. Each deal offers the best price, secured from merchants based in USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Customers get to enjoy Friends Deal products at up to 40% lower than regular retail prices (RRP).

We will be adding more products from the following categories and brands:

 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, Maternity, Babies & Kids, Home & Living, Pet Supplies and Sports Equipment.


How Does Friends Deal Work?

You will to enjoy our Friends Deal in three easy steps.

Step 1: Start The Deal
Choose your preferred deal and start the deal by placing an order first.

Step 2: Share The Deal
Share the Friends Deal link with your friends to complete the deal.
*Make sure orders are made via the shared link to complete the deal.

Step 3: Save, save, save!
when the deal is successful within 24 hours or the remaining limited time period of the deal.





Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the price of a Friends Deal Product include?

For Friends Deal, what you see is the “Nett” price which includes the product’s cost price, agent fee and international shipping fees.

2. Does the Product Price include delivery fees in Singapore?

Our 277 FREE self-collection points are available for all Friends Deal orders. Selecting this option would be Free for all. However, if the Home Delivery option is preferred, a fee top-up would be requested during checkout.

3. How do I make payment?

At the current moment, we only accept the following payment methods: Credit Card or ezbuy account balance top-up via Internet Banking. If you have pre-pay credits in your ezbuy account, you are able to use that as an option to pay for your purchase as well.

4. Is there a limit on the number of items one can purchase?

Depending on each individual product, there will be limit on the quantity one can purchase per User ID. This is to ensure that everyone will get an equal chance to enjoy the deals.

5. Can I use vouchers and discounts on Friends Deal?

Due to our price negotiation with merchants for the best deals, Friends Deal products cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts and vouchers.


Please refer here for the full list of FAQs.

Have a product you wish to buy with your friends? Submit it to our Friends Deal Wishlist!


Head onto to start shopping your way to great discounts with your friends now! 😊


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