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By now you should already have seen/heard/known of ezbuy’s 277 collection points islandwide spread across MRT stations, neighbourhood collection points and warehouse collection centres. Perhaps you might have already encountered a collection taking place at the MRT station nearest to you during evening hours on your commute back home. Well yes, that’s when ezbuy customers head down to designated collection points at specified hours to pick up their parcels!


But we are taking things further up a notch by introducing ezCollect! What’s that, you say? It’s the widening of options for parcel collections — letting you collect your parcels from 3rd party retail shop outlets on top of the 277 collection points islandwide which we already operate! Rejoice~


Updated: 7 Nov 2017

In short, ezCollect is our newly launched collaboration between ezbuy and 3rd party retail shop owners. There are now 50 collection points under our ezCollect collaboration with 12 of such collection points operating at 24 hours! Aside, as part of our ongoing FREE trial and for a limited time only, enjoy a waiver when you select our ezCollect collection points when arranging delivery!

Our aim is to establish 100 of such collection points by the end of this year. Who knows? Maybe your favourite neighbourhood, HDB mama shop or Condo mini marts could also be a designated ezCollect collection point in the near future! Here’s hoping that these ezCollect partners will bring even greater convenience to you, our dear longtime ezbuy customers! If you are a retail shop owner, you can also sign up here to join our ezCollect network!


How to ezCollect?

While selecting shipping information to check out your purchases, simply select ‘Collection Point’ > Self Collection. Upon selection, your screen will look this:

Once there, you may go on and select any of the 50 new ezCollect collection points to your convenience! Watch this space for updates of more ezCollect collection points!


Benefits for Customers

Other than having more options in terms of choosing a Collection Point most convenient for you in terms of accessibility and distance nearest to you, ezCollect also enhances the collection experience — by making it less of a rush to meet the stipulated timeslots for collections!

Unlike MRT station and neighbourhood collection points which have stipulated timings for parcel collections, ezCollect partners being retail shop owners have their businesses open during regular business hours and hence, the parcels are available for retrieval during said business hours. This would mean no rush for customers on their part to pick up their parcels! Yay~


Benefits for Retail Shop Owners

For retail shop owners, there are several benefits for you to come onboard to join us as an ezCollect partner. First of all, the prospect of earning extra income is clearly evident. Secondly, by providing this parcel collection service, you are effectively taking steps to ensure increased footfall and traffic to your shop. Thirdly, the last but definitely not least, there’s no set-up cost whatsoever to be mentioned, and only a small space will be needed to store the parcels safely within the premises of your shop. Hence, you should not be worried of it encroaching your shopfront space. These are definite gains for any business especially mini marts and mom-and-pop shops operated in HDB neighbourhood areas!

Keen on joining our ezCollect network? Click on the link or the banner below to register your interest!


How Do Customers Collect Their Parcels?

Parcels will be kept at the shop for a period of 5 working days upon arrangement at customer’s discretion via the ezbuy app or on the ezbuy website under ‘My Account’. If parcels are left uncollected, they will be brought back to ezbuy’s distribution warehouse pending customer’s rearrangement to collect it on another day — please note that this process will require another 3 working days. 

Once you reach the shopfront, simply approach the cashier of the 3rd party retail outlet for ezbuy parcel collection and show them your SMS notification (sample below) to retrieve your parcel. Do ensure that your UserID and details on the parcel are correct before leaving. 



We wish to inform our customers that these retail shops are working as partners of ezbuy to provide this ezCollect collection service and are not part of or owned by ezbuy. Do contact our Customer Service team at 6567 8880 or email us ( for any enquiries with regard to your orders or parcels.


Are you a retail shop owner? Join our ezCollect network today! Register here


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