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Beginning chapters of 65daigou

In the past, shopping online could be difficult. You need to figure out the local language, see if the shop can ship overseas, whether the shipping cost is worth it, and finally wait for your parcel to arrive. We thought we could make this process easier for everyone.

So in Jan 2010, we formed 65daigou and defined our brand position and our mission – To buy the world for you! Making shopping easier, cheaper and faster, so that you in turn can conveniently shop from anywhere in the world.


Acting as a ‘Daigou’ (in English: buying on behalf), we cover everything from pre-sale to after-sale for your global shopping. Our inspection service helps you to spot any visual defects or mistakes on your orders in our overseas’ warehouses before shipping them back to Singapore. This way, we will absorb the risk of shopping from unreliable or untrustworthy websites, giving you a peace of mind when shopping globally. Having more shipping options for your parcel, you can easily choose your preferred shipping methods to suit your need.

Together with our well-developed integrated online platforms, your shopping will be much easier as all you need is to make your payments to us, while we settle the multiple payments and transactions to the different merchants for you. Not only that, you may have total control to all your parcels, or simply turn on the automated EZ-SHIP function and allow us to take care of your entire shipment for you. Shopping on multiple sites has been easier with our EZ-CART, giving you the ease to add-to-cart products with one click.

ezbuy formerly 65daigou

On top of that, we’ve developed our very own 65daigou (now ezbuy) mobile app to allow you to enjoy the convenience of updates, notification and ease of shopping anywhere, anytime. From mobile, tablet and desktop, our shopping platform has been constantly evolving and aims to create the most user-friendly and convenient interface – to make shopping easy for you.

We even took a step further and introduced a new breakthrough in shopping globally – EZbuy function. This revolutionary function eliminates language barriers and shipping fee surprises, giving you an easier shopping process with your purchases. More importantly, it further simplifies your purchases, making your shopping experience even EASIER.


We have always been committed to bringing you the best deals and wide variety of products from around the world. Shopping globally is a better choice because you are purchasing products directly from the country of origin, allowing you to bypass the importers, exporters, distributors and retailers, which you in-turn can enjoy savings up to 60% than compared to shopping locally.

ezbuy formerly 65daigou

Besides enjoying more savings from shopping globally, we want to make shipping charges even cheaper. Being the first in the international shipping industry to offer a flat rate for all shipping methods, we eliminate the need to calculate the weight and quantity of items. Instead putting the focus on what the product is, and if you want to buy it. Together with our consolidating and repacking service, you can save up to 2 times more from the unnecessary packaging.

That’s not all. We continue to make shipping charges more affordable by giving you the lowest shipping rate in town. With no base charges and fabulous promotions, you can enjoy even more, up to 30% more savings compared to shipping from other forwarders.

Shopping more with less isn’t just another marketing slogan when you shop with us. While enjoying cheaper shipping rates, we offer exclusive cash rebate and loyalty program, letting you exchange points for dollars to make shopping even CHEAPER.


Staying true to our goal, we implemented daily international air and sea shipment so that you can ship your parcels and receive them even faster. To provide an even faster shipping service, we signed an agreement with DHL and guaranteed a 1 to 2 days shipment time. This not only makes our shipment even faster, but also much more reliable. With the On-Time Shipment Guarantee policy, we set very stringent refund criteria for ourselves, giving you full confidence that you will receive their parcel on time.

ezbuy formerly 65daigou

We took it further and become the one and only provider to set up 2 warehouses in China. Having a warehouse in Shanghai and the other in Guangzhou, each in close proximity to the shops our customers buy from, we’ve been able to ship items faster and you in turn, can receive your item quicker as well.

With more parcels and orders coming in every day, we knew something need to be done to improve our operational service. We’ve been upgrading our warehouse logistics system, planning and sourcing new networking solutions, and aim to shorten the processing time and bring your parcel to you, faster

Putting back the focus into pick up points, Lunch Time Collection in CBD areas have been introduced so that you can collect your parcel earlier and enjoy greater convenience. We’ve increased our pick up points to over 180 locations at the end of 2015, covering 80% of the residential areas in Singapore, as well as increasing the collection time frequency, so you can get your parcel even FASTER.

ezbuy – 65daigou’s new brand name

65daigou has been bringing millions of products all around the global since 2010 when we pioneered the industry, serving over 1,00,000 people. Ranked among the Top 5 online shopping sites in Singapore, we transformed from a home business to having a current presence in 7 other countries – China, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

ezbuy formerly 65daigou

As we strive to deliver more services and being more than just a ‘shopping agent’, the old ‘65daigou’ is no longer representable of who we are today and what we want to achieve tomorrow. The new brand identity ‘ezbuy’ consolidates our shopping services together which represents our commitment to make global shopping industry more seamless and easy to buy as a whole. Our new logo was designed with simplicity at its core. The lower case lettering drawn with 5 single strokes proudly proclaims our brand name. This exudes an approachable and confident aura while standing firm to our single-minded promise – a simple and easy buying process.

Moving on to the next chapter of our journey, we are very excited and proud to announce our new Prime membership program. No, this is actually more than just a new membership program. It’s our heyday, our utmost and by far, the best we are offering. Why? Just imagine you can ship your fashion outfits, shoes, bags, books, table, chair, sofa at only $2.99!

Yes, even furniture! No more volumetric charges, no more high shipping fee, just $2.99 regardless the weight, size and quantity of items purchased. What’s more? With this Prime membership, you will be able to enjoy an instant upgrade to enjoy 4% agent fee, down from the usual 8%!

ezbuy Prime

It’s been almost 6 years of intense growth and dramatic improvements. We know everyone has been asking, ‘Will we bring products from Europe?’, ‘Are we doing services for Japan or Korea?’. As our goal is to Buy The World For You, YES! We’re always looking into options of setting services all over the world – It’s just a matter of time. We look forward to even more enhancements, bringing us closer to our goal, of making shopping online, easier, cheaper and faster. So we can buy the world for you!      

Follow the tracks of history: 65daigou’s evolution to ezbuy


  • First pickup location at Yew Tee, our founder’s residential address.
  • First MRT 2 collection points at Jurong East, Yew Tee and Woodlands stations.


  • First featured on Channel 8 news for our success for providing a one-stop shopping and delivery solution, for Singaporeans to buy securely from China merchants.
  • Increase our frequency of delivery with daily air and sea shipment, bringing customers’ items even faster than before.
  • Increased our pickup collections to 8 locations in Singapore.


  • Started our loyalty program, letting customers exchange points for dollars to offset our agent fees and make shopping cheaper than before.
  • Reduced our shipping rates. Again help to make shopping more affordable.
  • Introduced economy air shipping, providing a fast yet very affordable shipment method as to compare to express air shipping.
  • Expanded to share our products with the Malaysian market, to let more customers benefit.
  • Launched our mobile application. Becoming the first Singapore agent to give customers the convenience of instant updates and the ability to shop anywhere, anytime.
  • Expanded our shop range to Taiwan so customers can shop from a wider variety of stores across the world.
  • Signed an agreement with DHL for preferential freight rates and a guaranteed 1 to 2 days shipment time. Not only making our shipment even faster and cheaper, but also much more reliable.
  • Increased our pickup collections to 36 locations in Singapore.


  • First in the industry to launch on time delivery tracking
  • Set up 2 warehouses in China. Having a warehouse in Shanghai and the other in Guangzhou, each in close proximity to the shops our customers buy from, we’ve been able to ship items faster and customer in turn, can receive their item quicker as well.
  • Expanded from MRT stations to neighborhood collections. Making it much easier for customers to get their deliveries, especially those who have long or irregular work hours.
  • Customized our mobile app for the Android platform so that more users can enjoy shopping anywhere, anytime.
  • Expanded our store range from Asia to include USA, for greater variety of products from across the world.
  • Introduced On-Time Shipment Guarantee policy for all customers. We set very stringent refund criteria for ourselves, giving our customers full confidence that they will receive their parcel on time.
  • Increased our pickup collections to 64 locations in Singapore.


  • First in the international shipping industry to offer a flat rate for all shipping methods, and across all countries.
  • Launched Partner Shops. Shops that have passed out inspections so that we can guarantee they are good quality products. This removed a huge risk of online shopping. And because of the cash rebate we offer, we can promise customers not only better quality but also better prices.
  • Expanding our services to Australia, under the brand name ezbuy.
  • Increased our pickup collections to 128 locations in Singapore.


  • Opened our first Experience Store, the Dhoby Ghuat Warehouse.
  • Developed a new “Surf” function for our mobile app. This new enchantment allows users to shop from multiple shopping websites, directly from our platform alone.
  • More local media coverage by Channel 8 Hello Singapore, Money Week, 8 Live FM and 88.3 Jia FM.
  • Focus on collaboration and partnership so to give all our customers more benefits and gains
  • Originated Singapore’s very first initiated online shopping festival,65eDay.
  • Developed a new “EZ-cart” function. We thought we can make the “Copying” and “Pasting” process simpler and easier, allowing you to add products into your shopping cart in just 1 click
  • Introduced a new breakthrough in shopping globally, EZbuy. This revolutionary function provides even easier shopping process for customers.
  • Added Lunch Time Collection in CBD areas so that you can collect your parcel earlier and enjoy even greater convenience
  • Increased our pickup collections to 180 locations in Singapore, covering to 80% of the residential areas in Singapore


  • Expanding our services to Indonesia, under the brand name ezbuy.
  • Top 5 e-commerce shopping site in Singapore
  • 65daigou rebrands to ezbuy. Dropping the old and adapting the new brand name ‘ezbuy’, this represents our commitment to make international shopping more seamless and easy to buy for everyone.
  • Launched ‘Prime’ membership program, allowing customers to enjoy $2.99 international shipping fee from more than 1,000,000 products listed, regardless the weight and number of items purchased. Customers can also enjoy an instant upgrade to enjoy 4% agent fee, down from the usual 8%
  • Increased our pickup collections to over 200 locations in Singapore, added daily collection frequency across most pickup points
  • Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements

All of these achievements will not be possible without you! To thank all of you for your continuous support, we’ll continue to improve and grow, making shopping globally even EASIER, CHEAPER, FASTER.

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