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5 Reasons To Get Korean Skincare Products For Your Mom

Age catches up on Mommy Dearest as we grow older each year – a sad fact of life we all have to accept. Noticed that Mom hasn’t been looking her best these days? Does it seem to you that her skin tone is yellowing? Or perhaps those nasty saggy under-eye bags threatening to make her look older than she really is? Fret not, help is here! Restore your mom’s natural good looks and fight those pesky ageing signs creeping up on her face with Korean skincare products.

Here are five reasons why getting Korean skincare products for your mom is the best thing to do this Mother’s Day:


  1. Rejuvenate your mom’s skin

The Queen of Your Heart may no longer be the hip and young hot mama that she was when she just gave birth to you, but that does not mean she has to look all old and haggard like Mother Gothel.

Give her the gift of youth in the form of this totally royal Cheongidan Hwahyun lotion by The History of Whoo, a lotion formulated for skin anti-ageing by lightening the entire skin from deep within. The ingredients that go into the production of this lotion include ginseng, powdered jade, powdered deer antlers, powdered gold and tree bark extracts, based on the ancient Korean court royalty beauty recipes of Queen Jahee – known to have had a skin of a 17-year-old girl even when she was well in her eighties.


The History of Whoo is a Korean cosmetics brand with product formulation based on the beauty regime of court ladies in the ancient Korean dynasties. In fact, the word ‘Whoo’ means empress in the Korean language.



This way, you can make sure mom looks rejuvenated and young again – without resorting to going under the knife.


  1. Let Mom resemble her favourite K-idol

Maybe Mom’s favourite K-idol is Choi Ji Woo of Winter Sonata fame, whose looks boast of everlasting youthfulness and plump hydrated skin. Other than getting Mom to adopt Korean skincare to achieve that firm, taut skin enviable to peers her age – consider getting her to try on some Korean makeup products too for a change!

SKIN FOOD Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Tint Trio, $7.91 (34% off RRP)

AprilSkin Water Coating Lip Tint, $18.45 (34% off RRP)

Freshen up her usual mom-style basic makeup by injecting some colours into her makeup palette! Start with a bold lip colour for a simple change.


  1. Reignite Dad’s Attention Towards Mom

With Mom looking this ravishing after a mini-makeover courtesy of you, it’s hard for Dad to not notice the remarkable change in her overall look. Let him fall head over heels in love with The Love Of His Life all over again – with butterflies fluttering in his insides each time he sees Mom looking so gorgeous after she dolls herself up for their couple’s rendezvous.


  1. Korean skincare products are better suited to Asian skin type

It’s no secret that Korean skincare and makeup products with its wide range of colour schemes are more suited to the majority of Singaporean ladies with lighter complexions. Also, since Korean skincare products are made for Asian skin, it is highly suitable for daily use here as its lightweight texture is a God-sent feature for our humid climate.

This is of no wonder why K-beauty has been steadily on the rise in Singapore and shows no signs of abating. If you need more convincing, read our article on why we love K-beauty.


  1. Affordability and Quality

With all the massive investment funding the intensive scientific research and development (R&D) that goes into the gentle yet effective formulation of Korean skincare, it’s safe to say that Korean skincare products are well-known to be top-notch when it comes to quality. It’s also affordable if you know the tricks to buying your products from the right places.

For instance, on you can get Korean skincare products direct from Korea at 80% off regular retail prices (RRP).

Right now, ezbuy is having a Korean skincare promotion and guarantees good deals for you! Don’t miss this wonderful chance to grab some quality Korean skincare products for your Mommy Dearest (and perhaps, some for yourself) just in time for Mother’s Day!


For an even wider variety of Korean skincare products, head onto ezbuy to discover for yourself.  

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