Valentine’s Day Is All About Loving Your Family

If the only thing you pay attention to is your Instagram feed, you’d be forgiven for the mistaken assumption that Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated exclusively with copious amounts of red, long-stemmed roses, perfect coral lipsticks and a dizzying array of champagnes.

But let me tell you that that is not how the real world is doing it. Chances are, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day as a long-term committed couple, you might have a couple rug rats running around (a visible reminder of that carefree night with the roses and champagne a decade ago, perhaps).

Here’s your chance to truly show your partner – and your children – what Valentine’s Day is truly meant to be. Not as a florid celebration of all things consumer, but a celebration of true love. And well, as we know, love is patient. Love is kind. Love is inclusive. In other words, love is family.

With that in mind, why not check out these fun ideas to spend Valentine’s Day together as family. Not only will you make some beautiful memories that you will cherish forever, you won’t be maxing out your credit card at the florists either. Have fun!

If you like music …

Check out the free Valentine’s Day concerts at the Botanic Gardens. There will be one evening concert each day from Feb 10-12, with live music starting at 7pm. Why not make it a special day by packing a picnic basket and heading there early to “chope” a good spot? Don’t forget the sunscreen and the bug spray!

If you like food …

There’s nothing more fun than cooking – and eating – together as a family. Stay home and make a meal together for each other – in our family we like to split up the courses based on our interests and abilities (Dad makes the cocktails, Mum cooks the main course and our oldest makes dessert), and spend the week planning and shopping for our own special creation. Even the little ones can pitch in by making table decorations or helping with the kitchen prep.

If you like nature …

Maybe you could go on an outdoor adventure together? Pick a place you haven’t explored before – think Sungei Buloh or the Green Corridor or even the Southern islands. Spend some time planning and brainstorming – after all, the research and preparations are half the fun. Double the fun and make it a scavenger hunt. Check Pinterest for inspiration, or make your own, like this one here.

If you like art …

Why not plan an art party for the family. Pick up some basic art supplies, such as blank canvases, paints and brushes. Choose water-soluble acrylics – they make cleaning up so much easier than messy oils, plus they produce bright, solid works of art that will go “pop”. Put a Bob Ross video on the television or print out a few paintings for inspiration and have fun!

If that sounds like too much work, outsource it. Many local art studios (check out Artify, which is holding a 3D art class for parents and tots on Valentine’s Day) organize regular family art workshops. You get to make all of the mess at the studio, and all that’s left to take home is a beautiful new creation.

No matter which way you choose to celebrate as a family, don’t forget to truly make an effort to reconnect. Turn off your phones (or at least set the ringer to “silent”) for the day so that your family knows that you care about them 100 per cent. And after you tuck the kids into bed for the night, bust out a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the love for your partner that makes this day so special.

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