Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – we know this thanks to the rapidly inflating prices at the florists. This year, a box of roses and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot will set you back a mere 328 smackeroos at online florist Roses Only. Add on dinner and drinks for two and you’ll end up spending more than the average Singaporean’s mortgage just to impress your favourite person.

But showing just how much you love and treasure someone shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. After all, if your love for each other is deep and strong, what truly matters is the thoughtfulness of the gesture – not the amount of money spent.  Here then are five really romantic ways to say “I love you” without breaking the bank:

Cook her dinner

Find out what she really likes, and make the effort to cook for her at home. With hundreds of easy-to-follow YouTube recipes online, there’s got to be one out there that fits the criteria of 1. Can be successfully completed by you without burning down the house and 2. Can be enjoyed by your significant other. Pair it with a cocktail that you know she likes, served in some special glassware, and you’ve got the ingredients for a magical date at home.

A romantic surprise

Why not blindfold your partner and surprise him with a trip to a place that holds special significance for the two of you, such as the spot of your first kiss? Or if recreating the past doesn’t appeal, why not make a trip to somewhere uber-romantic. My favourite kiss and cuddle spot is the Marina Barrage, late at night, long after the kite-flying hobbyists have gone home. You can take in the cityscape, toast each other with a glass of your favourite vintage and reminisce the night away.

Go on an adventure

Instead of making it an evening date, why not make plans to spend the whole day together on a special adventure? A cycling trip to Ubin or a boat ride to one of the Southern islands will break you out of any relationship rut. Plus all that time together is great for reigniting the flame between you two. Pack a small picnic basket (check this adorable one), and throw in a few romantic treats (think handcrafted chocolate truffles or a piccolo of champagne) and you are all set for a unique Valentine’s Day adventure that you’ll remember forever.

Make a romance coupon book

The problem with Valentine’s Day is that many people think it absolves them of the need to be romantic for the other 364 days of the year – and that is truly the road to relationship ruin. Avoid this common roadblock by making your loved one a special coupon book that he can cash in whenever the need arises. You can DIY your own based on the template found here or print out your own on some special stationery. Fill it up with small gestures that you know he really appreciates – a back rub, tackling a chore he can’t stand doing, a favourite meal, for example.

Volunteer together

Nothing inspires warm and fuzzy feelings than by doing good deeds, so what better way to bask in the associated warm and fuzzy flow than by doing a good deed together? You’ll make the world a better place AND feel awesome about each other, all for zero cost. If you like animals, volunteer at the SPCA or your favourite no-kill shelter. If you like feeding people, check out Willing Hearts. If you feel so inspired, you could even donate the money you’ve saved by not going out on an expensive Valentine’s Day extravaganza – a real win-win!

Here’s the best part. If your significant other complains about how little you are spending on Valentine’s Day, then maybe – just maybe – he or she might not be the perfect one for you. This can be a great way to find out if you both are truly compatible – not only in hobbies and habits, but in areas where it truly counts. Good luck and have fun!

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