COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Myths

Top 5 Myths about the Wuhan Coronavirus

It seems like all our Whatsapp group chats these days are flooded with news on COVID-19, or better known as the  Novel Coronavirus or Wuhan Virus, by your concerned family members or kan-cheong spider friends.

With everyone giving their fair share of the situation, we know not everything is 100% true so always check your sources and don’t be a victim of #fakenews! 

What are symptoms of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus?

Coronavirus symptoms could begin mildly, with a runny nose, cough or fever. However, severe cases may lead to pneumonia, breathing difficulties, and in rare cases, even death. Older people or those with pre-existing medical conditions tend to be more vulnerable, as seen in most of the current cases.

How does the virus spread?

The current Coronavirus mode of transmission is largely through close person-to-person contact (about 1.8 meters), via respiratory droplets when someone infected coughs or sneezes – like other common viruses. When we breathe these droplets in or they land in our mouths or noses, infection happens. Touching contaminated surfaces like door knobs or railings with these droplets and letting them enter our body could infect us too. 

Top 5 Coronavirus Infected Countries, as of 17 Feb 2020

Top 5 Coronavirus Affected Countries, as of 17 Feb 2020

Singapore Coronavirus Updates, as of 17 Feb 2020

Singapore Coronavirus Updates, as of 17 Feb 2020

This quickly-escalating Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in widespread panic and (over)reactions –  relax bro. Amidst the buzz going around, let’s dive into the Top 5 myths we’ve heard of.

#1: “Cannot buy from China already, later they pass the virus to me how?”

According to the World Health Organization, no, this is not true. Coronaviruses cannot survive for long on non-living surfaces or objects – like your packages from China, as viruses are weak outside the human body. Since parcels usually take 2-8 days to ship, likelihood of transmission is significantly less.  

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Ezbuy is taking precautions by ensuring that our warehouse staff has routine temperature checks and are required to wear gloves and masks while handling the parcels. Some couriers in China has also taken a step further to double disinfect parcels and vehicles from Hubei before they are delivered. If you’re still afraid, you can sun your parcel as it is a natural disinfectant, and wash your hands before and after opening them, just to be safe!

#2: “Siao liao, cannot touch animals! They can transmit the virus too!”

You probably watched videos or heard about people eating bats and other animals in Wuhan. Even though the virus could possibly originate from bats, nothing is confirmed yet – your pets aren’t going to infect you. Though the Coronavirus can infect animals, their virus is different from ours, where there are no reported cases of it being transmittable to us. So go ahead and pet your furry friends! But as always, wash your hands with soap – it’s always good to stay hygienic and it would protect you from other diseases too! 

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#3: “Garlic, alcohol and bleach are cures to the virus!”

Garlic is indeed healthy with antibacterial properties. However, as this infection is unlike the common cold where ‘home remedies’ could help, garlic isn’t going to work.

You may have also heard “the higher the alcohol content in hand sanitizer, the better” as it kills germs faster, so why not directly chug it and ‘cleanse’ yourself right? Please don’t do that, this is false and excessive alcohol could damage your gut instead.

Lastly, bleach as a ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ to cure viruses? Hold up! PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW – besides ‘killing virus’ it could kill you too! 

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So don’t kiasi and go to your supermarket to stock up everything. They might be out of stock anyway. In any case, don’t panic because we got you. Get your daily necessities online in the comfort of your home, with delivery as fast as 2 days! 

#4: ‘After going out in public spaces, rinsing my nose with saline and mouth with mouthwash will kill any virus I took in!’

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There is no evidence showing that doing so actually protects or prevents the virus. Sure, saline rinses or mouthwashes could get rid of certain bacteria from your nose and mouth for some time, some claiming it helps with common colds. However, trying to get rid of more serious infections like the Coronavirus isn’t going to work this way. 

#5: ‘If I’m not sick, I should wear the colored side of the mask inwards to filter out the germs from outside!”

Does the colored side really act as a barrier in this manner? No, this is not how masks are designed. Let’s recall the basics of ‘how to wear a mask’ – colored side OUTWARDS always, with the metal strip at the upper side, ensuring it fits well, covering your nose, mouth and chin. The colored layer outside helps to filter out certain particles, while the white side inwards absorbs any germs you may expel. When removing the mask, touch only the elastic straps and never the mask as they might be covered in germs. 

Also, masks help only to a certain extent, depending on how and what type of mask you’re using. Try to wear a mask only if you’re sick this season, to prevent transmission to others.

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Evidently, misconceptions are everywhere and constantly circulating. You believed some of them, didn’t you? Don’t worry, so did we. Now that we are aware, know where to get the real and trustworthy stuff – from credible sources like the Ministry of Health’s updates, or subscribe to the government’s WhatsApp service for legit information! 

Protect yourself and your loved ones, take precautions and stay safe this season to keep the virus away, and remember not everything you read = true! Get those facts checked!

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