23 Children’s Day Gifts Teachers Can Give To Their Students Without Breaking The Bank

With Children’s Day — which falls on Friday, 6th October 2017 this year — being hot on the heels of the recently-concluded Teacher’s Day, we believe it’s only appropriate for us to come up with this thoughtful list of gift ideas to benefit all primary school and preschool teachers out there. It’s now your turn to return the favour and gift your students their Children’s Day presents! Children, you know who to thank if you were to receive any of the gifts below. 😉


1. Pencils, $1.25 per box of 12

Let’s start off with the very basic item all students ought to have in their possession… the humble non-mechanical pencil! Younger children, such as those in lower Primary levels, should not be using mechanical pencils just yet. Leave that for when they progress to Primary 3 or 4 and above.


2. Zebra 0.4mm Colour Gel Pen, $1.29 per pen 

Yay! Colour gel pens! Tell us, really, have you ever encountered a child who doesn’t fancy colour pens? Perhaps you don’t have to get them every colour of the range, just choose to get your students a proper green pen so that they’ll be spurred to do their corrections!


3. Pilot Colour Gel Pen, $1.31 per pen

Another brand of colour gel pens you can consider getting! ✍


4. Double Tip Fluorescent Highlighter, $1.29 per highlighter

If you’re thinking of another option, why not choose the highlighter? This highlighter comes with two tips and one tip allows you to clearly identify the text you’re highlighting. Fancy~ ‎️‍🌈


5. Clear Pencil Box Case, $1.35

This Muji-inspired clear pencil box case will surely make a good, durable gift especially for students whose pencil cases are already ruined from all the wear-and-tear!


6. Assorted Cartoon Characters Pencil Case, $1.27

Another option of a pencil case, this time with assorted cartoon characters featured proudly on it!


7. Frozen Stationery Set inclusive of Wallet, $1.46

This is for all the young girls who still aren’t quite over with all things Queen ElsaAnna and just Frozen in general. ❄❄❄


8. Minions Stationery Set with Pencil Box, $1.54

Oh, these lovable minions! We doubt there’s any kid of school-going ages who doesn’t like the minions! This will bring them so much delight. 😁

Note: Do check out this Minions Special collection on ezbuy, specially curated for Minion fans! Baaaa-na-na~

9. My Little Pony School Supplies Stationery Set, $1.37


And this is for all the Bronies out there… no, we’re kidding! This will make an excellent stationery set for kids who adore My Little Pony! 🦄


10. Doraemon 8-in-1 Stationery Set, $2.19

A more gender-neutral option will be this cutesy Doraemon 8-in-1 stationery set~ Nothing wrong with introducing to the kids your favourite cartoon from your era, hehe! 😀


11. Korean Cartoon Stationery Set, $1.34

With these cartoons being unspecified and wordings being printed in Korean, it’s quite difficult to put a name to the faces. However, they look too cute to pass! Snap them up fast! What makes it value-for-money is the fact that it comes with a child-friendly pair of scissors. ✂


12. Mickey/Minnie Mouse Stationery Set, $1.27

This famous Mouse will surely put a smile on any child’s face upon receiving this useful stationery set!


13. Miffy Compass Set, $1.27

Not only does this look super adorable with Miffy 🐇 fronting the cover, it is also a highly useful tool for primary school students learning to use the compass to draw a circle!

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14. Geometry Rulers Set, $1.27

Perhaps this colourful ruler set will entice your students to draw proper straight lines when underlining key words during lesson time.


Deli Students’ Ruler Set, $1.29

Or would you prefer giving your students a more formal looking set of rulers? 📏


15. Science Magnets Set, $1.29

This will come in handy during science lessons! Make your students apply concepts taught in the topic of magnets so that they can remember better. 💯


16. IQ Metal Puzzle Piece, $1.74 per box of 8

Planning to give your class some brain breaks (also known as brain exercises) periodically in between back-to-back lessons? Then these IQ metal puzzle pieces will be so ideal! 🤔


17. Assorted Pokemon Plush Toy, $1.90

If you’re planning to reward your obedient students with something which they will be absolutely enthralled to receive, consider getting these oh-so-cute Pokemon soft toy plushies! Seeing how Pokemon Go captivated the hearts of many young kids, this option ought to be a sound (and safer) one.


18. Mini Gudetama Battery-Operated Night Light, $1.88

With Gudetama Cafe opening in Singapore, it’s not hard to imagine kids these days knowing this Sanrio lazy-egg character. Getting them this mini night light seems like a good option, we reckon! 🍳

For more Gudetama and other popular character merchandise click on image below to view our collections!


19. Non-toxic Finger Painting Set, $1.29

What about getting your students some DIY gifts such as this finger printing set? Its non toxic paints will let parents be reassured when they allow their kids to use their fingers to complete their artworks. 🖐


20. Watercolour Painting Set, $1.29

Otherwise, you can choose this watercolour painting set which comes equipped with a paint brush instead! This will ensure at least your child’s fingers stay (slightly) clean even after doing some watercolour painting.


21. Assorted Cartoon Children’s Digital Watch, $1.61

Realised that your students can’t seem to be able to keep track of time well? Then perhaps a gift in the form of a simple children’s digital watch ought to make it right! ⌚


22. Tsum Tsum Luggage Tag, $1.32

With almost 40 kids in a classroom and each one of them having a backpack, it’s easy to get confused if two kids were to own the same Smiggle backpack! Clear out the confusion by gifting them this luggage tag so that they can learn to write their names on it and attach it to their bags accordingly for easy identification.


23. Lotte Green Grape Candy, $2.50

So much for stationery and merchandise, now how about some snacks from our Local Marketplace? Seeing how it will be an occasional rare treat especially when the kids receive it only during this once-in-a-year event of Children’s Day!


Other good gift ideas include giving them a reusable collapsible water bottles , useful cute notebooks or even board games for some in class fun!


Need more ideas? Head onto now to start shopping for Children’s Day gifts so that you’ll receive these goodies in time to come!


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