10 Best Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Day

In the blink of an eye, we’re already more than halfway past the month of August. So it can only mean that we have collectively trudged through seven months of this work year already! You ought to give yourselves a pat on the shoulder! 👋 Well, this also signals the arrival of Teachers’ Day – a day to celebrate the dedicated work of educators 👨🏫👩 – which falls on 31st August 2017 this year instead of the usual designated 1st September as it just so happens to coincide with Hari Raya Haji this year.


1. A year’s supply of red pens

Pilot Red Pen, $1.87 per pen

How else do you expect your teacher to mark your worksheets and grade your assignments, right? Well, get your teacher a good quality pen such as this to ensure that he/she will not suffer carpal tunnel syndrome from all that marking!


2. Pencil case
Transparent Storage Box, $2.33

Translucent Pencil Case, $1.79

Holographic Transparent Pencil Case with Tassel Zip, $4.52

A good choice to get for the teacher who already seems to have a gazillion red pens contained in his/her almost bursting pencil case. Instead of giving him/her even more red pens and causing the eventual demise of that poor pencil case which will most likely give way at its seams, give your teacher a brand new transparent pencil case in the form of either one of those three stylish options above!


3. Assortment of stickers 💯🌟

Galaxy stickers, $0.47 per sticker sheet

Assorted Cartoon Animal stickers, $0.83 per pack of 6 sticker sheets

Decorated shape individual perforated stickers, $0.83 per box of 10 stickers

Make grading assignments and marking stacks of worksheets and workbooks a slightly more enjoyable task for your dear ol’ teacher by giving him/her some sticker sets. This way, the teacher can paste those colourful and attractive stickers on the spelling books of diligent students who had studied hard for spelling and scored full marks – to encourage them to keep up the good work! 👏


4. Customizable Calendar Schedule ✒📅

Weekly Schedule Planner, $1.31 each

Detachable Weekly Schedule Notepad, $0.58

100-day Examination Schedule Sheet, $0.43

There are a million and one things (okay, maybe we are exaggerating a tad too much here…) on a teacher’s neverending daily to-do list ranging from setting the class test to marking the remaining untouched stack of English composition assignments. Why not help your teacher out by gifting him/her this oh-so-cute and very useful customizable calendar or schedule planner?


5. BookmarkBeautiful intricate gold-plated bookmark, $0.71

The chances of your teacher being a voracious reader as well are extremely high, we would say. Therefore, a bookmark would make a wonderful and not to mention, unique gift! 📚🐛


6. A pack of whiteboard markers 🖋📋

PLUS Erasable Whiteboard Markers (Set of 4), $6.22

Deli Whiteboard Markers 10pcs (3 Boxes), $7.13

Other than utilising the combination duo of visualizer and overhead projector in the classroom as teaching aids, tech-savvy teachers still do fall back on the use of the trusty whiteboard marker to draw out diagrams on the good ol’ whiteboard for clearer explanations of some concepts. After all, every technological device faces the unpredictable drawback of an occasional technical fault on the unlikeliest of days, right?


7. Index Label Adhesives, Sticky Memo Notes 📝❌

Opaque Index Stickers, $0.71

Deli Fluorescent Index Note Adhesives, $1.19

Flower Petal Sticky Memo Notes, $0.29

If you’ve ever been a student (really, who hasn’t?!) before or is currently a parent to one, you would have surely encountered those folded pages on your/your child’s workbooks or sticky index tabs on those sets of worksheets stapled together. That is one way teachers use to indicate to their students that they have corrections to be done. Make it a simpler, and perhaps more pleasant task for your teachers to mark your corrections by gifting them these nifty index note adhesives which they can use to their hearts’ content!


8. A stalk of flower 🌹Handmade paper flower card, $0.83

Real or otherwise, it doesn’t really matter as your teachers would not want you to blow your pocket money allowance on a whole bouquet of roses (or other flowers for the matter) 💐 which will most likely be too costly for a student to afford. Show your teacher your appreciation instead by penning your heartfelt thoughts on this unique card decorated with a cute paper flower! 🌼


9. Handmade Card/ScrapbookEnvelope, $0.83 per pack of 3 envelopes

Washi tapes
1st range of designs, $0.67 per tape
2nd range of designs, $0.82 per tape

Metallic marker pens, $0.47 per pen

Acrylic marker pens, $0.95 per pen

If you are planning on doing up your own version of a handmade card by using a vanguard sheet or even an A3-sized drawing block, remember to get these stationery supplies to help you get started! 🌈


10. Lanyard, card cover, drawstring pouchMobile Phone Lanyard Purse, $11.34

Card Case, $0.21

Drawstring Pouch, $0.53

Many a time, teachers simply forget to take their staff card on their desks in the Teachers’ Room when they scramble off to their classrooms upon the next period’s bell ring while lugging tote bags filled with worksheets and workbooks to distribute to their students. Why not gift your teacher a card case or lanyard to contain their staff card which they can also conveniently hang around their necks?

With that, we hope you now have some inkling on what to get for your teacher as a gift!

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