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Recreating Some Of That Muji Magic In Your Homes

Ah Muji… this Japanese lifestyle brand known for its minimalist products clearly needs no introductions. Muji puts its own twist on common every day lifestyle items such as stationery, kitchenware, storage options and even luggage, such that they are both practical and pleasing to the eye.

We can’t quite put a finger on it, but stepping into their flagship store at Plaza Singapura makes us feel like we’ve been transported into whole new zen and sophisticated world, free from the messiness and complications of every day life.

But as we are all too familiar with, getting our hands on some of this Muji magic often comes with a big hole in the wallet… Fret not! With ezbuy, you too, can create some of this Muji magic in your own home at a fraction of the price. Here are some items that look like they were pulled straight out of Muji’s catalogue.


Sofas and Coffee Tables

Those sleek sofas you see in stores looks at once both comfortable and sophisticated. We can almost picture ourselves, armed with a hot cup of coffee and a good book, whiling a whole afternoon away. Take a cue from Kenya Hara and refer to these ones we found:


A sofa set doesn’t feel complete without a coffee table – essential for resting drinks, or displaying our favourite coffee table books, vases of flowers, and picture frames. The ones from Muji are simple, sleek and often made of wood. Here are our favourite similar picks:



Bean bags

Jazz up your living spaces by throwing in these cozy little bean bags. We think of these bean bags as baby portable sofas – now you can turn any part of the house into your little cozy corner. Here are some suggestions:


Dining Tables and Chairs

Walking through their store, we also realised that Muji has got a strong penchant for wood. If minimalist wooden dining tables and chairs are what you’re looking for, ezbuy has got you covered too:




Of course, an important aspect of achieving the minimalist look is about being able to store all your barang barang away such that they’re out of plain sight! This is where having a good set of shelves that you can customize to store all your different belongings come in. As before, we realized that the ones from Muji are again mostly wooden but you could also experiment and add a touch of white! Here are some of our favourite finds:


Pro Tip: Caring for your Wooden Furniture

If you’re going to go all-out in adopting the Muji way of furnishing your home with lots of wooden furniture, we thought it would be prudent to throw in some tips on caring for your wooden furniture as well.

We know this is going to be hard in sunny Singapore, but the first tip is to keep your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight. This is because wood actually contains moisture, and preserving appropriate levels of moisture in the wood is key to caring for your wooden furniture. So avoid placing your wooden furniture in areas where it will sit in direct sunlight, and use drapes or protective window films to guard your furniture.

Further, when cleaning your wooden furniture, be sure to use a damp cloth. This is because rubbing your wooden furniture with a dry cloth can sometimes cause some scratching to your wooden furniture. For good measure, lightly make damp a cleaning cloth before you proceed to wipe your wooden furniture.

If you have a wooden table, use coasters below your drinks to prevent round rings from forming on your wooden table. Placemats and table covers are also helpful in protecting your wooden table from spills and scrapes.


Home Organisation

When it comes to home organisation and storage items, keep it simple and classy by producing products in simple materials such acrylic, rattan and polypropylene. Mix and match these materials to achieve that Japanese minimalist home vibes.


Bed Frames

Considering we spend about a quarter of our day sleeping, a bed is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture we have in our home. Nothing beats a good night of uninterrupted sleep. Consistent with its simple minimalist vibe, the bed frame must be is simple and unadorned. We found some similar looking ones:

Need more storage options? Consider this one then:


Honestly, we just love Muji’s minimalist vibe! But sometimes sourcing all our furniture from Muji isn’t practical because Muji’s prices are too steep. However, we do believe that creating a minimalist home is also possible on a budget. We hope you’ve gleaned some ideas on how to create your very own Muji-inspired minimalist home. For more furniture and décor ideas, be sure to check out our home furniture store. There’s alot more to be discovered!

With ezbuy, you’re not just getting great savings on purchases. Through Prime, ezbuy also offers you a great bargain on shipping. Buy as much as you like and have everything shipped at a flat rate of $2.99!


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