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House Tour: Achieve a Nordic-style Home with Furnishings Totalling Only $14,000

Scandinavian-themed home interiors have been all the rage recently as you might have already caught wind of. Surely, you’d have at least heard a friend/relative/colleague gush on and on about their love for a Scandinavian theme home décor.

But what you might not know is  – while the words ‘Scandinavian’ and ‘Nordic’ are used quite interchangeably, they are not the same! Scandinavia translates to the Land of the Northern Men and refers to three countries, namely Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Technically speaking, the whole of Scandinavia can be entirely subsumed under the category of Norden, more commonly known as Nordic Countries, as Nordic Countries refer to the three Scandinavian countries as well as Iceland and Finland. So the next time someone tells you they want a Scandinavian home interior, let them know that what they really want is a Nordic-style home. Let them in on the fact above and astonish them. (Gentle Reminder: Try not to come across as being too Smart Aleck-y while informing them.)

Now that you know Nordic essentially encapsulates everything Scandinavian, let’s take you on a house tour where the homeowners have done up their Nordic-themed house with furnishings costing less than $14, 000!

Simple, sleek, clean-lined aesthetics feature heavily in a Scandinavian-style home décor, combined with the functionality of furniture that is distinctively Nordic. There’s also a focus on light and nature. We love that all these aspects align perfectly with the requirements of our relatively small HDB houses as let’s face it – spatial constraints is something we live with in a land-scarce Singapore.

Living Room

The use of light-colour flooring in this house reflects a true Scandinavian style, especially fitting when daylight basks into the home. The sheer full-length curtains allows for plenty of natural light to shine through, enlivening the whole space. With the back wall of the living room painted aptly in grey, some colour is injected to offset the mostly white walls so typical of a Nordic theme home. The monochrome series of black and white photo frames serves to jazz up the grey wall with just the right amount of understated elegance.

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The L-shape fabric-upholstered sofa, in muted grey with yellow stitchings and wooden pencil legs, falls right into place with this Nordic theme. Some splashes of colour are provided by the mustard yellow cushion and an assortment of nature-theme cushion covers such as a leaf-patterned one.

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Warm LED lights give a touch of pizzazz

Clock, World Clock, Alarm Clock, Digital Clock

An eclectic wooden clock with Roman numerals on petals depicting the clockface in the shape of a flower

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A set of darkwood drawers and TV console

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Small ornaments in earth-tone colours making a statement without detracting any style

Dining Area

The same colour palette of white on darkwood brown continues in the dining area evident by the dining table and accompanying chairs. The presence of geometric pendant lights, hanging above the dining table, makes an impact with its clean lines and distinct shapes all the while being functional. The faux taxidermy of a stag head mounted on the side wall makes for a good conversation starter. Its woodsy-chic appeal shows the exquisite taste of homeowners. In a similar vein, the sheer full-length curtains let in lots of natural light into the dining area.

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(L – R) Faux Taxidermy Stag Head, Geometric Pendant Lights, close up of Dining Chairs

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More ornaments of earthy tones placed on top of a chest of drawers


The way of life Scandinavians lead ensures that they are in touch with nature a lot. So it’s a widely-known fact that Scandinavians love the outdoors. A Nordic style home will bring in as much nature as possible. A good way is to incorporate greenery and other elements of nature while utilising the balcony. In this case, the homeowners carved out a space in their living room and designated it as the indoor balconette, giving the illusion of a real balcony. The black balconette table and chairs contrast well with the abundance of sunlight coming in during the day. The pot of indoor plant placed on the balconette table provides some greenery and perks everything up.

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Balcony furniture set and deer-print cushion covers

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A water element evoking a warm rustic feel

relax, unwind, outdoor decor, outdoor furniture, patio furniture

Installing a water element in your home can help create a soothing and relaxing environment.

Child’s Bedroom

Taking on a nautical theme, the child’s bedroom consists of walls painted in blue. This is still in line with the overall Nordic home décor as the colour blue conjures up images of the fjords that Scandinavia is so well known for. The pairing of the white daybed and wardrobe with ornate detailing makes the room look airy and bright. To top everything off, the blue-and-white ceiling light is shaped like a helm – the technical name of a ship’s wheel.

Nautical theme, nautical, nautical decor, bedroom, bed, bed frames, bedroom design

Nautical theme child’s bedroom

bedroom, bed frames, bed, cupboard, bedroom design

Child’s bedframe, mattress and bedsheets, all bought online.

wardrobe, closet, wardrobe design, wardrobe cabinet,

The wardrobe matches the daybed.

A Nod to Smart Living

The homeowners chose to adopt smart living by installing a few smart home features such as the child’s bedroom light which is smartphone-controlled. Hence, they are able to regulate their child’s bedtime and ensure lights off at a certain time each night. They also bought a robot vacuum cleaner to assist them in the hassle of doing housework.

vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, best vacuum cleaner, robot cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

Reasons for choosing to purchase furnishings online

Being seasoned online shoppers, the homeowners are not new to the idea of buying things online. However, buying furniture was a different category altogether. Their interior designer recommended purchasing online, citing huge cost savings as a major factor. Backed by the recommendation of their interior designer, they chose to buy these carefully selected pieces of furniture from ezbuy.sg. Not only did their interior designer do up the design blueprint and layout of their flat, but he also sat down with them and helped them select suitable pieces to buy from China merchants via ezbuy Prime, which is a membership programme that guarantees all shipping cost to be capped at $2.99 regardless of the size dimensions and weight of items purchased.

Another reason for their choice to shop online was the wide array of furniture and furnishings available with everything under one roof. And thirdly, the convenience it provided – as that meant they no longer needed to physically go shopping for furniture at brick-and-mortar shops with their interior designer, saving time for both parties. Lastly, it was also ideal for them that the time taken for the renovation works, such as the painting of the walls at home and carpentry, to be completed was similar to the shipping duration. Hence, it would coincide with the estimated delivery date for their products to reach them. That meant they could start assembling the pieces of furniture almost immediately upon arrival of the furniture, shortening the total renovation duration and allowing them to move in sooner. While the homeowners self-assembled most of the furniture and only enlisted the help of contractors to handle some of the more difficult installations professionally, it is good to know that online shopping sites such as ezbuy.sg provides handyman service at discounted rates.

Key Figures

Type of property: 5-room HDB flat
134 sqm
Cost of furnishings and appliances featured:
$13, 449.66
Duration for completion of works: 1 month

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