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How Does Friends Deal Work?

You will to enjoy our Friends Deal in three easy steps.

Step 1: Start The Deal
Choose your preferred deal and start the deal by placing an order first.

Step 2: Share The Deal
Share the Friends Deal link with your friends to complete the deal.
*Make sure orders are made via the shared link to complete the deal.

Step 3: Save, save, save!
when the deal is successful within 24 hours or the remaining limited time period of the deal.

Click here to find out more about the Terms and Conditions of Friends Deal.



Updated:  21st June 2017 – 3% Credit Card Processing Fee in FAQ points 4 & 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What does the price of a Friends Deal Product include?

For Friends Deal, what you see is the “Nett” price which includes the product’s cost price, agent fee and international shipping fees.

2. Does the Product Price include delivery fees in Singapore?

Our 277 FREE self-collection points are available for all Friends Deal orders. Selecting this option would be Free for all. However, if the Home Delivery option is preferred, a fee top-up would be requested during checkout.

3. How do I make payment?

At the current moment, we only accept the following payment methods: Credit Card or ezbuy account balance top-up via Internet Banking. If you have pre-pay credits in your ezbuy account, you are able to use that as an option to pay for your purchase as well.

4. Why is my 3% Credit Card processing fee not included in my Friends Deal refund?

The 3% Credit Card processing fee is charged based on each payment made via credit card transaction. This fee is imposed by 3rd party financial providers as a processing fee. For each unsuccessful Friends Deal, our system will refund the product amount as prepaid cash into your ezbuy account. This prepaid cash can be used to offset your next purchase or if you prefer, you could request for a withdrawal of the prepaid cash back to your credit card.

Once the request has been made, you will receive the prepaid cash plus the 3% credit card processing fee back into your credit card. This will be reflected in your monthly credit card statement. If you have any discrepancy on the withdrawn amount, please contact our customer service team and we will rectify the error immediately.

5. Why is there a two-step procedure for me to get my refund?

As a value-added service that we provide, customers who seek to save the 3% credit card processing fees can opt for internet banking or ATM fund transfer directly into their ezbuy account. This would constitute as prepaid cash which you can use to purchase items on

Therefore, the credit card refund process on ezbuy is slightly different from industry norms. There is a two-step procedure for all refunds.

  1. If the product is out of stock or your Friends Deal is unsuccessful, a refund will be initiated.
  2. You will receive the amount paid for the item in your account as prepaid cash.
  3. You can use it to offset your next purchase or request a fund withdrawal. (Please select the credit card type and provide the card details that you paid with.)
  4. Our finance team will process the refund and you will get the refunded amount on top of the 3% credit card processing fee – handled separately by the respective credit card
    companies. Your refunded amount will go directly into your ezbuy account while your 3%
    credit card processing fee will be refunded to your credit card.

6. Is there a limit on the number of items one can purchase?

Depending on each individual product, there will be a limit on the quantity one can purchase per User ID. This is to ensure that everyone will get an equal chance to enjoy the deals.

7. Can I use vouchers and discounts on Friends Deal?

Due to our price negotiation with merchants for the best deals, Friends Deal products cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts and vouchers.

8. Why are there two or more of the same products but at different prices?

No two deals are the same. Due to the nature of Friends Deal, discounts are made available only if each deal meets the required number of people needed. For example, one Friends Deal may require 2 friends to purchase a product at X price, while for another deal, the requirement may be for 10 friends to buy it at Y price.

9. How do I view my pending Friends Deal order?

After you login into your ezbuy account via desktop or mobile app, you are able to view your Pending Orders under the “Processing” tab.

10. Where can I see the status of how many people have joined my deal?

On the page of each Friends Deal, you will see X slots representing the number of people required for the deal to be successful. With each person buying the deal, you will see a corresponding circle icon like the following:

11. How can I find the link to share my Friends Deal?

After you login to your ezbuy account, go to the “Processing” tab to view your Pending Orders. Under each Friends Deal order, you can click on “View Latest Updates Here” to access the Friends Deal link to share it with your friends.

12. How do I know if my Friends Deal purchase is successful?

Only when the required slots in the Friends Deal have been filled and payment has been made, will the Friends Deal be considered successful. For unsuccessful orders, payment will be refunded 24 hours after the cancellation of the deal.

13. Why is my Friends Deal order not successful?

Each of our merchants would require a minimum amount of purchases in order to provide us with products at wholesale prices. Therefore, if the required slots for each Friends Deal isn’t met, the deal will be deemed unsuccessful. All orders and payment made will be refunded.

14. Why was my order cancelled?
There are several reasons for order cancellations:

a) Deal Requirements Not Met – For each Friends Deal, there is a required number of people needed to join your deal within the stipulated time period. If this is not met, everyone who joined the Friends Deal will have their orders cancelled and refunded.

b) Sold Out – Although we have acquired the products in bulk quantity for each Friends Deal, the supply is still limited and would be based on a while-stocks-last, first-come-first-serve basis. In the event of the stock being sold out, everyone who joined the Friends Deal will have their orders cancelled and refunded.

c) Settlement Timing – For each checkout of a Friends Deal order, ezbuy will only hold the order for a maximum of 15 minutes. Kindly complete making your payment within the stipulated time period, else your order will be cancelled.

Cancellation of a Friends Deal order could be due to either one or a combination of the above mentioned reasons.

15. Why is there a 24-hour time limit once I start a Friends Deal?

Our initial tests have shown that most deals close within 4 to 6 hours after the deal has started and once sharing of the deal has been done. Apart from that, for us to secure better deals and more discounts, helping our merchants to sell their items quickly is key. This is why all our Friends Deal products are only available for a limited period of time.

16. What are the types of shipping methods used for my Friends Deal product?

As our Friends Deal products are sourced globally, we would have to ship the products from different parts of the world. Here is a list of shipping methods used according to the country of origin:

  • From China: Economy Air
  • From Singapore: Not Applicable
  • From USA: Standard Air
  • From Taiwan: Economy Air
  • From Korea: Standard Air

17. When will I receive my items bought under Friends Deal?

Items bought under Friends Deal will be shipped according to the shipping methods as stated above. Hence, for the rough estimate of shipping duration, please refer to ezbuy’s Shipping Guide.

18. Can I change the shipping method to a faster method?

Sorry, changing of shipping method is not possible due to shipping fees already being calculated in the product price for each Friends Deal. Customers who purchased the Friends Deal product would not be able to change the shipping method.

19. Can I combine my normal parcels with my Friends Deal parcel?

Sorry, combining of parcels is not possible as each Friends Deal product price includes agent fee, domestic shipping fee and international shipping fees. The order will have to be sent as an individual parcel.

20. Will all Friends Deal products bought be shipped together as one parcel to a single address?

No, your Friends Deal order will not be consolidated together with your friends’ orders. Each Friends Deal order will be sent as an individual parcel to each person involved in the Friends Deal, who can then choose FREE self-collection of parcel at our 277 island-wide collection points or top up for home delivery option.


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