Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2020

ezbuy zodiac forecast 2020

Brace yourself for the new year with our Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2020! Now that Christmas is over, almost every neighborhood shops and malls are blasting Chinese New Year songs. We, Singaporeans, love occasions and Chinese New Year, no less. This may probably be the one time each year where you become pantang (superstitious) or become a 赌神 (gambling god) – just kidding, we have no idea what we’re talking about.

Chinese New Year 2020 will fall on Saturday, 25th January 2020. We can almost hear you groaning about not having an extra long weekend – we feel you. It’s never to early to get ready, especially if you want your #ootds and home decorations up in time.

Read more below for the Year of the Metal Rat Forecast 2020 to find out if you will huat this year! Is 2020 a lucky year for you?

Rat Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 3, 5

Lucky Color: Orange, Purple

Benefactor: Monkey, Dragon

Forecast: Traditionally, signs ushering in Ben Ming Nian (animal year of birth), will clash with Tai Sui. To our Rat friends, prepare for a year of rollercoasters, particularly in terms of health. 2020 will be a year to build close relationships in the workplace to support you as hard work and struggles lie ahead. For couples, ensure constant communication to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings that will be the main reason for poor health

Ox Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 1, 7

Lucky Color: Yellow, Pink

Benefactor: Snake, Rooster

Forecast: For Oxes, you can go into the new year with confidence! Relationships with your colleagues and bosses will improve and you will be recognized for your hard work and even a promotion may be in store. For singles, love is around the corner and you may find companionship in a friend close by, so open your eyes! Take note of your work habits and try not to snack and make sure you get some exercise in! This is the year to try something new which will also help you to destress.

Tiger Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 2, 5

Lucky Color: Red, White

Benefactor: Horse, Dog

Forecast: Love is blossoming for our Tiger friends in 2020 so much that you will be the envy of your peers. Career-wise, your workload will increase but stay positive and find new solutions and you will be rewarded with an increment in sight. For those who have investments, you will be seeing good returns. Take note to manage your finances as you may be carried away with friends and family and tend to overspend! Diet starts tomorrow? No, you need to start today! Watch out for blood pressure and cholesterol levels for your health.

Rabbit Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 2, 8

Lucky Color: Black, Yellow

Benefactor: Goat, Pig

Forecast: The coming year will be one that clashes with Taisui. Therefore, you will find yourself feeling more irritable and impatient that may cause a lot of problems at work and for your health. Chill and make sure you keep yourself in check! With love, keep an open mind whether you are single or attached. 2020 is a year to explore new things and don’t hold strict expectations of your partner or dates. At work, put in effort to work with others even though conflicts may arise and this will help you get recognized. Finances may stress you out so it’s time to clear them off so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in your next few years.

Dragon Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 0, 3

Lucky Color: Yellow, Pink

Benefactor: Rat, Monkey

Forecast: You’re in luck! 2020 will be a smooth sailing year for you. You will feel spontaneous in love but take note to channel that energy towards your partner and not entertain external affairs. Many new opportunities are headed your way at work and it’s a great time to set yourself up for a promotion with new projects. Your wealth will grow this year from your career and also with the good luck coming from all directions. Love will be stable if you avoid being clingy and aggressive this year.

Snake Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 2, 6

Lucky Color: Orange, White

Benefactor: Ox, Rooster

Forecast: You will be controlled by Tai Sui in 2020. Career growth will be slow and you may experience difficulty in breaking free from the status quo. Don’t be disheartened! Money wise, you will receive a steady increase from work and investments. Your relationship will be a bumpy and emotional ride for both singles and couples. Remember to focus on your partner and be understanding to get through these tough times.

Horse Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 3, 6

Lucky Color: White, Yellow

Benefactor: Dog, Tiger

Forecast:  In conflict with Tai Sui, this year will be a rough one, with all aspects looking gloomy. You have a tendency to keep to yourself with this negative energy. However, you should push yourself to interact more with colleagues and family for support through this time. Be cautious and take extra care over your wealth else you will encounter unforeseen problems that will cost you. All the bad vibes in the coming year may affect your health drastically. Bear in mind to always look after your health and engage in healthy activities and hobbies to destress.

Goat Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 4, 8

Lucky Color: Green, Brown

Benefactor: Goat, Pig, Rabbit

Forecast: 2020 will be unstable for you. There is no sign of promotion or increment at work but continue to stay humble, positive and persevere through and you will still thrive in the workplace. Health will be affected due to work and you are encouraged to find time to relax. Don’t stress, your love life is looking up as relationships/marriages will get stronger and there is a chance of getting pregnant. Singles will also be popular with the opposite gender and you may meet the right one.

Monkey Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 2, 6

Lucky Color: Yellow, Brown

Benefactor: Rat, Dragon

Forecast: As Monkey and Rat are part of an alliance of San He, you can expect a clear and prosperous path ahead. Your bosses will recognize your efforts and you will win their favour at work. However, if you are looking for a career switch, it will affect this flow of good energy. For those looking to start your own business, this will be a good time as you will rise above the intense competition and have allies to support you. Unfortunately, there will be difficulty in romance as you will neglect your partner with your career and finance booming. For couples and singles, you have to be proactive to get over this hurdle.

Rooster Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 2, 5

Lucky Color: Red, Orange

Benefactor: Ox, Dragon, Snake

Forecast: Your love life and career will flourish this year! You will be required to commit more to your career but it will definitely help you to excel and achieve power at work. However, be wary of your wealth and be conservative with your spending and investments. There will be luck for singles looking for a partner but your focus in career may make you less discerning. Health should be your primary focus this year as you or someone close to you may meet with an unexpected illness.

Dog Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Color: White, Green

Benefactor: Horse, Tiger

Forecast: You may feel restless in your job but appreciate it as you are already blessed and the odds will not be in your favour if you decide to job hop. Your wealth will be stable but refrain from being adventurous as your luck is low and it will only lead to losses. You will have love luck and for singles, you will become popular and carried away, hurting others in the process. Be mindful of this, otherwise, karma will bite you back. You will be in good health but be cautious of your safety whenever you are out.

Pig Horoscope 2020

Lucky Number: 4, 8

Lucky Color: Grey, Green

Benefactor: Rabbit, Goat

Forecast: The gods are on your side in career and wealth! Make use of the opportunities at work and you will easily reap benefits. You will be blessed with wealth from the people around you and the more good deeds you do, the more wealth luck you will attract. Singles, now’s your time! You are likely to get into a relationship this year. Your health will be affected in expense of your career due to working around the clock and staying up late. Remember to pause and slow down, so it will not interrupt the positive energy at work.

立春 Lichun symbolizes the fresh start of Spring which is also the beginning of the Chinese solar year and will fall between 4th to 5th February in 2020. It is believed that depositing your money on this occasion will bring steady wealth in the coming year.

You are advised to avoid the inauspicious timing between 11am – 1pm on 5th February.

Ezbuy Lichin Timing 2020

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