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8 Affordable Guo Da Li (过大礼) Or Chinese Betrothal Ceremony Essentials You Can Get on Ezbuy

Getting frazzled by all the wedding planning, especially when you still have to scratch your head over the Betrothal Ceremony (aka Guo Da Li 过大礼 Ceremony)? It also doesn’t help when your Google searches only suggest expensive Chinese wedding customary packages… With all these MASSIVE expenses involved, you’re probably thinking “wa siao confirm burn another hole in pocket liao”

Fret not, we got you covered! We’ll help you tick off your Chinese wedding dowry list with 8 affordable Guo Da Li essentials you can get from our Betrothal Ceremony Essentials collection.

*Psst.. you’ll definitely save more if you buy items individually online, as compared to buying in bundles from wedding shops!

Betrothal (Guo Da Li- 过大礼) – For Grooms to prepare

1. Xi (囍) – Stickers & Decor

Xi (囍) is a symbol of good luck, especially for marriage. These stickers and decors are used for decorating the home and betrothal gifts to liven up the celebratory mood.

Guo Da Li 囍 stickers

Xi (囍) stickers: $1.33 | Decorations: $2.60

2. Red Packets – Hong Bao (红包)

These red packets are given to the bride’s parents to thank them for raising the bride. *Pro-tip: It is advisable to give in amounts with number 8.

Guo Da Li Red Packets

Red packet: $1.33 | Dowry Red Packet: $3.24

3. Chinese Wedding Candles – Long Feng Zhu (龙凤烛)

During the process of Hair Combing or Shang Tou (上头) ritual, these Chinese wedding candles are to be lit throughout.

Guo Da Li Chinese wedding candles

Left: $4.85 | Right: $5.26

Returning of Betrothal Gifts (Hui Li – 回礼) – For Brides to prepare

Majority of the Hui Li (回礼) preparations comes from the Dowry items – Jia Zhuang (嫁妆). These items are to be placed in the newlywed couple’s bedroom while setting up the matrimonial bed, also known as the An Chuang (安床) process.

4. Prosperity Bedside Lamp Set

The prosperity bedside lamp set symbolises fertility and wealth for the newlywed couple.

Guo Da Li Prosperity Bedside Lamp

Left: $11.95 | Right: From $5.70

5. Dining and Tea Set

The dining set includes 2 bowls and 2 pairs of chopsticks and spoons, signifying the abundance of food and harvest for the family. The tea set is used for the tea ceremony on the actual day of marriage.

Guo Da Li Dining and Tea Set

Dining Set: From $6.30 | Tea Set: $16.81

6. Prosperity Descendant Pail Set

The prosperity descendant pail set is given to the newlywed couple by the bride’s family, which signifies fertility. The set includes a pair of mugs, combs, towels, slippers, wash basins, toothbrushes, toothpastes and sewing kits.

Guo Da Li Prosperity Descendant Pail

Left: $29.92 | Right: $15.69

7. Mini Prosperity Descendant Pail Set

Since most couples do not have much use for the full-sized descendant pail set after the Guo Da Li Ceremony, an alternative can be a mini descendant pail set. While it serves the same purpose of blessing the couple of a prosperous marriage, it can also be a meaningful display piece for keepsake!

Guo Da Li Mini Prosperity Descendant Set

Left: $11.70 | Right: $8.26

8. Red Umbrella

On the day of marriage, when the bride is leaving her house – Chu Ge (出阁), the bride’s father will use the red umbrella and shelter the bride to ward off any negativity.

Guo Da Li Umbrella

Left: $19.75 | Right: $11.95

Ready to ace your Guo Da Li Ceremony now? Now you don’t have to go to physical Guo Da Li shops and lug home all the items in your checklist! Head over to our Betrothal Ceremony Essentials page and get everything you need at the comfort of your home!


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