10 Must-Buys at ezMart


ezMart, a one stop platform launched by ezbuy, is meant for busy people like you and me to shop at the comfort of our homes for personal care, groceries, baby needs and much more! Here are 3 reasons why you should shop with ezMart:

  1. Cheap – We guarantee everyday lowest prices
  2. Easy – Shop not only locally but globally
  3. Convenient – We deliver to over 277 free collection points in Singapore

New to ezMart and don’t know how to score the best deals? Let us help you check off your 10 Must-Buys at ezMart!

Be a Stylo Milo and get this Milo Packet Drink Bundle to start every morning right! If everything you eat and drink screams “I’m Singaporean”, shop ezmart’s local favourites today~

milo ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $12.50 | Original Price: $14.90

Although most of us can’t make it to the Himalayas, we can at least have a taste of it with Himalaya Salt Candy. Due to its perfect mixture of saltiness and sweetness with a cooling effect, it is now the to-go sweet of many Singaporeans. With ezMart’s More Savings, you can now stock up daily necessities at mega discounted prices!

himalaya salt candy ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $49.00 | Original Price: $59.90

*Psst since we are all kakis, let us give you some in-CIDER scoop on what’s our top pick in ezMart’s Beverage section! It’s none other than…. *drum rolls*……. SOMERSBY APPLE CIDER! This pack of 24 will definitely be perfect for your weekly gatherings or parties.

somersby ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $58.80 | Original Price: $73.50

In this perpetually feels-like-38 degrees heat in Singapore, soft drinks are a must to combat the heat! Imagine sipping that can of Coca Cola or 100 plus just in time to quench your thirst, confirm make you go “Wa, so shiok!” ezMart is having a bundle sale now: 48 cans for only $18.90! So cheap liao, what are you still waiting for?

coca cola 100 plus ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $18.90 | Original Price: $28.90

Slurps! How can you miss out Ramen when we’re talking about Korean food? If you’re craving a hot bowl of cheesiness, Ottogi Cheese Ramen will be perfect to satisfy your hunger!

Is your stomach always growling while watching mukbang videos in the middle of the night? Fret not, just with a click, you could get a variety of Korean Food at ezMart ~ Your tummy will thank you!cheese ramen ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $4.66 | Original Price: $4.90

Achieve the ultimate couch potato life by snacking while binge watching your Netflix shows! If you want something more versatile that you could also double up as breakfast, then we recommend you to get Loacker Biscuit (Bundle of 3)!

loacker ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $9.00 | Original Price: $13.80

It is about time you unleash that inner auntie in you and grab this bundle of 6 Dynamo Power Gel Laundry Detergent Refill just because 1 is never enough. $27.90 only leh, don’t say bojio ah!

dynamo ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $27.90 | Original Price: $41.00

Smell good and feel good with Dove Body WashC’mon la, how is 1 bottle enough?! Trust us and stock up 4 bottles at once so that you don’t have to risk running out of soap.

dove ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $23.90 | Original Price: $39.00

Super mummies and daddies out there, let us lend you a helping hand with ezMart’s Baby & Kids section! We know how expensive raising a kid is, so every cent counts! Get this Merries Giant Twin Pack Diapers that is going for 10% off today.

merries diapers ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $35.90 | Original Price: $39.90

“Lelong Lelong cheap cheap” – a phrase frequently heard in markets or pasar malams, but now we have turned this phrase into virtual reality (online)! ezMart’s exclusive $2 sweet deal zone includes products priced at $2 up for grabs. Here’s a disclaimer: once the product is sold out, the price will revert to the original selling price. What are you waiting for? Fastest fingers win!

Skincare is very important. So, if you’re still holding back on buying a facial cleanser for yourself, we’re telling you to just go for it because Avon Facial Cleanser is only $2 now. Start early before it’s too late!

avon facial cleanser, ezmart

ezMart’s Price: $2.00 | Original Price: $6.90

Now that you have gotten more clarity on what items you can get from ezMart, it’s about time you get your fingers going and get your daily necessities at the comfort of your home! Shop away~

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