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How to Wear White Shoes with Style

White shoes are tricky, to say the least, but not impossible. With some nifty stylistic manoeuvres, you, too, can own the look. The first thing to do is to lose the fear of white footwear. Yes, they may get dirty a tad too easily and quickly and yes, even figuring out what coloured socks to wear them with is a decision that requires some nail chewing. That said, conquering white shoes is well worth the effort because nothing spells style maverick like going against the grain. Yet, as pushing the envelope goes, white footwear is still a classic and not so far past the boundaries that you would feel self-conscious about having them on, unlike, say, throwing on a kilt. Now that the case has been made and your fears quelled, read on to find out how white shoes can become your new favourites.


Master it with white sneakers

White sneakers are your gateway into the school of making white shoes look effortlessly cool. From original tennis shoe styles to more modern, trendy interpretations by everyone from luxury designers to high street chains, there are so many options that it’s impossible not to find one you like. White sneakers instantly brighten and freshen up an outfit, and they go especially well with spring’s breezier and more colourful trends, which are now hitting the stores. It’s true that they can make you look younger, but in a good I-just-threw-these-on-without-much-thought way.

In order to make white sneakers work, observe these two basic rules. One, if the shoes are too chunky or painfully bright that you feel like they are dragging everyone’s eyes to your feet, then they probably are too much for you. The shoes should not be an eye-catching highlight. Instead they should complement your outfit and pull the look together. Which brings us to number two. When in doubt, it’s better to go with a low-top white sneaker cut deeper on the ankles. They tend to be more flattering and present less of a fashion conundrum.


  • For a hip, casual look, Converse Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells, as well as classic canvas styles like Vans and Superga, look great with dark denim jeans, slim chinos or summer shorts. The bold can wear them with high white socks for dorky street cred. Alternatively, wear these white sneakers sockless and with the pants cuffed up.
  • Take it up a notch and win at urban style by pairing white sneakers with smart casual trousers and a clean, minimalist button-up shirt. Jogger style pants in luxe fabrics also work very well, thanks to the gathered cuffs that sit higher on the ankle and above the shoe. Common Projects, Nike and Adidas’ Stan Smith line are just some of myriad brands that have white sneakers built for modern cool.
  • Loosen up a stuffy formal look by pairing white sneakers with a blazer or even a suit. To be sure, this get-up is not for everyone but get it right and it spells confidence with a capital C. If you’re wearing a dressy, expensive suit, opt for spanking white, premium sneakers instead of ratty canvas.


Take it further with loafers and lace-ups — and ease up on the white

When it comes to brightening teeth, dentists do not always pick the whitest shade of shade, simply because it can look unnatural. Similarly, for more formal takes on white shoes, it’s okay not to be a purist. Off-white, cream and beige work just as brilliantly and can be more versatile for the wardrobe.

Lace-up shoes that have fabric uppers instead of leather are great with denim because of the play of textures. Formal leather oxfords in fair hues work well with summer suits in linen or light cotton. Styles like wing tips or double monk straps can be worn with chinos, while white loafers go with most things, including shorts, and should be worn without socks.

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