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16 Wardrobe Essentials Every Singaporean Man Needs

When it comes to essentials, we mean items that should be the foundation of your wardrobe. These are the stuff that words like “classic” and “timeless” refer to, the building blocks to your personal style and your keys to looking well-turned-out, no matter the occasion. 


1. The classic white Oxford shirt

No man ever looked bad in a crisp, white, well-fitting shirt. Plus, it’s extremely versatile. You can wear it with a suit or under a thin sweater, and with jeans or chinos. And when you find one that looks smashing on you, don’t hesitate to get multiples. This is one item you want to wear crisp and spanking white, like it’s brand new every time.


2. A pale blue button-down shirt

It’s hard to go wrong with a pale blue shirt for the office. It works with a grey or navy suit, and looks fantastic with a tie in a darker shade of blue.

 3. A navy suit

The navy suit is an elegant option that looks great on everyone. It’s understated and just offbeat enough, plus you run no risk of looking like a Japanese salaryman. Navy also works well with a whole spectrum of colours so you have great versatility with your shoes, belts, shirts and ties. 


4. A good quality white tee

A well-made white t-shirt that is close fitting (but not body hugging) is an everyday item that looks just as good on its own as with a jacket. The crew neck is classic while a V-neck offers a sexier, more fashionable take.


5. Crew neck t-shirts

Crew neck tees in neutral colours like grey and navy are basics you can’t get away from stocking up. Wear them like you would the white t-shirt, on days that you would prefer to wear something other than white.


6. Dark blue denim

A good pair of slim fit dark denim can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a casual shirt. You can wear it to the office and it’s smart but casual enough for a date. In matters of versatility, this really does



go with everything.


7. A sharp blazer

This is the standalone jacket for those occasions when you need to look smart and a suit would be overkill.


8. A fine gauge sweater

Spruce up your act in the frigid office air conditioning by wearing a thin sweater over a collared shirt. It’s a lot more debonair than keeping a musty jacket on the back of your chair.

9. A pair of brown lace-up shoes

Brown lace-up shoes are the most basic footwear you can buy. They’re perfect with a navy suit, and work just as well with jeans and a blazer. Get the best you can afford, as this is one item well-worth investing in. Look for good quality material and finishing, as well as a classic shape.


10. A casual shirt

Checked flannel, chambray or lightweight denim are perfect buttoned over jeans or worn open over a t-shirt.


11. A polo shirt

Short sleeves are a kinder option for the Singapore heat, while the collar keeps things spiffy.


12. White sneakers

You can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers, especially when they can now be worn both with jeans and a suit.


13. Khaki chinos

There are days when jeans are out of the question and dressy pants are plain ridiculous. Slim fit khaki chinos are made for those days.


14. The everyday bag

There is no point in dressing to the nines if you are going to ruin your carefully streamlined silhouette by carrying your life about in your pockets. Keep those unsightly bulges at bay with a chic, structured bag that also holds your documents and devices.


15. A pair of wayfarers

Squinting is not a good look for anyone. Protect your peepers from harsh UV rays and look cool doing it. Wayfarers in classic black pretty much flatter everyone.


16. The best timepiece you can afford

It’s debatable whether a wristwatch is still relevant but what’s for sure is that it serves as an elegant finishing touch to an outfit.

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