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19 Inexpensive Things You Need To Set Up Your Very Own Coolest Office Desk

No matter your budget, we’re sure that with our extensive list of items thoughtfully selected, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste. So sit tight and get ready – because you’re about to start your workspace transformation and have the coolest desk ever!


Under $5

1. Cute USB cup warmer ($1.67)

Nobody likes their coffee cold. Let your chosen soldier do its noble duty of keeping your mug of tea or coffee warm. You can have your pick with three types of soldiers to choose from. Ooooh, fancy.

Plain tea cup warmer ($2.58)

For those who prefer something more grown-up looking with the same function, use this. Keep your coffee warm and let caffeine fuel your day at work. How else are you gonna get through an entire day of work?


2. Lava lamp ($3.00)

Blast to the past with this ultra cool lava lamp. Who said only millenials are allowed to be cool? *eye roll*


3. USB Port Extender ($3.33)

Have more than two peas in the pod? Let this USB Port Extension satisfy all your devices’ need to be plugged in. No more taking turns to be charged!


4. Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard ($1.98)

There’s no denying that even the neatest of us all would have some leftover crumbs on our keyboards. Who doesn’t snack at work?! Don’t let the resident office clean freak have any excuse to launch into a tirade – use this to show how you clean up your mess!


5. Heart-shaped wrist pad ($2.87)

You’d have to perform much mouse-scrolling at work to get a lot of things done. Don’t let carpal tunnel syndrome creep up on you (or your wrist so to speak)! Take the first step and pave your way to good desk ergonomics with this cute heart-shaped wrist pad.

Under $10

1. Monitor Base ($5.56)

Still on the topic of office ergonomics, your posture is equally important. With a sturdy monitor base, you’ll be looking at your monitor screen at eye level position, hence straightening your posture. Nobody wants to be the next Hunchback of Notre Dame. This prevents neck and shoulder aches too. Double-win!


2. Lightbulb Humidifier ($8.00)

Need something to spark off your Eureka moment at work? Consider this lightbulb humidifier. Not only does it look super whimsical, it also functions as a humidifier. Useful!


3. USB Desk Fan ($6.22)

This is for people seated at office cubicles far away from the central air-conditioning vents. “I’m here to work, not here to have beads of perspiration form on my forehead due to sitting at this spot with poor air circulation, right underneath these harsh fluorescent lighting!” Until the day you muster the courage to utter this very sentence to your boss, you’d most likely be better off seeking respite from having this mini USB desk fan to cool off.


4. DIY Block Calendar ($8.67)

Whoever said grown-up working adults can’t have a go at playing blocks? Alright, maybe you can’t tote a whole Lego set to your office but you sure as hell can build up your very own block calendar. And you have legitimate reason to do so! How else are you gonna know what day of the week it is? Hooray, more reason to head to work each day – just so you can arrange the date and day. Or rebuild the entire calendar. (Psst. You didn’t hear this from us.)


5. Handheld Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner ($8.00)

In the shape of a gun, you can easily take this out and aim at anyone who offends you at work. Just kidding. This might possibly be the closest thing to a real gun that you can hold in Singapore, a land with strict gun control laws. Let it do its heroic job and watch how its powerful suction suck those germs residing in your keyboard away.


6. Clip-on Lamp ($8.87)

Don’t neglect your precious eyes for sight is really the most important sense of all! With this lamp, it’s easy to be caring to your eyes. No more squinting to see words on your computer screen, and hopefully no more additional trips to the optician’s for new prescription spectacles!


7. Rainbow Backlight Keyboard + Mouse ($10.00)

Well, perhaps life really isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. But there’s no stopping you from bringing your own rainbow to work. Jazz up your office space with this set of futuristic-looking mouse and keyboard that emits colourful backlight. Available in two colours, white and black. Plus, there’s an option to switch the backlight off – good for days when you want to conform with the norm.


Under $20

1. Wooden Headphone Stand ($19.78)

You shell out hundreds of dollars to get your latest set of headphones, being the audiophile that you are. So don’t let it rest miserably on your desk, tangled up with all your other charging cables. That’s not the sight any self-respecting audiophile would like to witness. The minimalist in you would appreciate this darkwood headphone stand.

Acrylic Headphone Stand ($10.22)

Alternatively, this acrylic version will do the same job. Or you can opt to get this for your co-workers, if you’re feeling rich. And let the heaps of appreciation notes roll in, thanking you for being a hero saving their headphones from the eventual death of tangled mess.

Headphone Holder with USB Ports ($12.89)

This one doubles up as a USB port hub, definitely right up the alley of those who dig multifunctional items. “Hey, what’s wrong with me wanting to get the most bang out of my buck?” We hear them yell out in defence of their utilitarian choice.

2. USB Mini Humidifier ($17.33)

We all know how dry the office environment can be. And we’re not just talking about the work itself – we meant the stale dry air. Combat that with this handy-dandy humidifier! Perhaps, as a result you’ll be re-applying your lip balm less frequently too.


Under $50

1. Virtual Keyboard ($46.67)

Keyboards are so passé. For the uninitiated, this may look like something that came right out of the Matrix trilogy. But nope, it’s 2017 and we have many kinds of technology made available now. Consider getting this if you happen to have the habit of constantly tapping your fingers on the table.

2. Mini Fridge ($32.22)

There are days when you need a warm cuppa to get your day going. But there are also days when all you need is a can of cold soda to comfort and brace yourself for the work week ahead. With this mini fridge, you will never have to face the dreaded situation of drinking soda that has gone from cold to warm ever again. Yikes, nobody likes that!


With such a cool office desk that you’re gonna build for yourself, who can really blame you if you end up turning into a workaholic? They would wanna stay as long as possible at their desks too, if they had all these wonderful items!

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